May 13, Sixteen-year-old Evangeline Logan is a serial kisser. She kisses jocks, nerds, even strangers in line at Starbucks, hoping that one of them will. Does the perfect kiss exist? This smart and funny modern romance from the author of Flipped explores the pleasures and perils of love. Perfect for fans. May 5, Confessions of a Serial Kisser. Wendelin Van Draanen, Author. Knopf $ ( p) ISBN

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While I was slogging through The Last of the Mohicans and The Red Badge of Courage for my insane literature teacher, Miss Ryder, my mother was reading books with bare-chested men and swooning women?

I wanted to like this more, but a third into the book I was very annoyed with Evangeline. She quotes, “Kissing is just like saying Hi” Now I would’ve been okay with that if only something really happened in cobfessions book.

Confessions of a Serial Kisser

But there would be chapters at a time where I’d catch myself skimming paragraph after paragraph and yet finding nothing happening, nothing changing. Also for anyone who has ever eaten enough ice cream to realize that ice cream doesn’t fix things. So far, the chapters are irritatingly short. She and her husband reside in California and have two sons.

The book is about this girl named Evangeline wanted to find the perfect crimson kiss with the perfect guy. Praise for Confessions of a Serial Kisser: If it was just that, folks might think it fun but shallow.


But finding that life-changing kiss proves to be more difficult than she had anticipated. One kiss—the right kiss—could conquer all! On top of that, it was evident that the author was going for sassy humor.

To picture this actually happening is quite funny, and makes you wonder if someone would actually randomly kiss you, just to get the crimson kiss.

I’m really not feeling this one.

Confessions of a Serial Kisser – Get Underlined

That being said, though, there’s an overall lesson in the book that wasn’t that bad, really. Mar confessipns, Tina rated it it was ok Shelves: And it is this angst that is driving–contributing–to the problems in other areas in her life.

Evangeline starts out by planning her kissing rendezvous, but eventually resorts to just taking what she wants without thinking of the consequences. Out of pure curiosity and with coonfessions bit of disdain, she starts looking at them.

Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Wendelin Van Draanen | : Books

About Wendelin Van Draanen. It interrupts the flow and seems more like Van Draanen’s, a professed fan of rock ‘n roll as indicated in the jacket coonfessions homage to her favorite bands. Delilah and Grayson become role models, in a weird way, for our heroine since her own parents are going through a separation or divorce.

Which made her quest for a kiss. I believe that books can be moving and it can affect your life. Reference to probably inappropriate romance novels, which is what makes the character decide to hunt for a perfect kiss. From his point of view, she probably just seems hot and cold. It’s about not knowing quite what you want, but knowing that you want something Girls do not deserve that.


I never really got around to reading the author’s other works, until I got it for a gift. It didn’t have the same fluid story like Flippedand there were some plot points that felt a little too stretched out or a little too contrived. In which she continuously kissfr for, so she decided to take a leap for her search mission with another help of a book, “Live your Fantasy”.

The chapters in this book are pretty short and they kind of remind me of my stories back in high school. This book is really good, to be honest.

I would find myself staring at them thinking what it would be like to kiss them. Many readers will find Evangeline annoying. Conffessions to Book Page. And it is her self-esteem, her sense of security that is suffering as a result of that betrayal. Overall, it was okay, and it fit my light-read criteria I just needed something not too serious to read. I literally could not put it down, it had me laughing nonstop.

Book: Confessions of a Serial Kisser

I could really use some help around the house. Though it is funny at times and a fast read, its flaws will w it from becoming as well loved as Van Draanen’s Flipped. Everyone has had at least one of the experiences that Evangeline did. Confessions of A Serial Kisser.