Find out the various salary structures in Nigerian civil service according Structure (CONHESS); Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure. The administration of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has approved the procurement of unit of mass transit vehicles for convenient and affordable. The Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Gaidam, on Tuesday, approved the full implementation of the salary structure for all nurses, pharmacist and related medical.

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The average salary of nurses in Nigeria ismonthly. As a profession, the Medical laboratory scientists, often called medical laboratorians, are vital healthcare detectives, strucure and providing l aboratory information from l aboratory analyses that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as in disease monitoring or prevention.

These types are represented by acronyms. Non-regular allowances for the Federal Public Service.

Salaries of Pharmacists, Nurses and Other Medical Professionals in Nigeria

Thank you for contacting us To view the salary of Cross River State, kindly check here https: Have you ever felt you are being underpaid even when you do so much? Please can you help me conhes how much a medical officer will earn at an Agricultural research Institute. Some of these professionals have their works and job descriptions closely tied to that of the Medical Doctors. A Nurse is an individual with pre-requisite training and certification with a mandate to saalry illness, promote health and alleviate suffering.

N1, per day for all married and un-married officers for 28 days.

Salary Structure in Nigeria: The Full List

The chief factors are the experience of the nurses and the sector public or private they work in. This is besides other allowances such as working in a riverine community and etc.

You just received a job offer. They use their wide range of skills and training to deliver a sensitive, patient-focused healthcare service in imaging and radiotherapy. These salary structures were established by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission, which is a body directly under structurf control of the presidency. This salary structure was formalized in and it had been in use since then. Rita Uche July 6, – About ngcareers Ngcareers is Nigeria’s top jobs and careers community for working professionals and jobseekers to find interesting opportunities, discover and share insights based on their career interests.


Salary Structure for top government officials. This agency is saddled with the responsibility of deciding a realistic compensation system in the Nigerian economy.

Salary Structures in Nigeria and Their Meanings

Cost of air ticket is to be fully borne by Government at the prevailing rate. Follow the link for more information http: The average salary of radiographers in Nigeria is aboutmonthly. Ao July 1, – 2: Mohammed Jamil May 23, – 3: Competent, licensed, laboratory professionals are thus the foundation of quality laboratory medicine.

The average salary of Physiotherapists in Nigeria is aboutmonthly. This includes officials at top hierarchies of both federal and state government employments.

Having a good CV and a well-pitched cover letter can be that one thing that can land you in your dream job. The salary structure for Pharmacists is different for each sector of the government. Salary structure for the academic congess of federal universities. The fedral ministry of health and the national salaries incomes and wages commission shall jointly determine the designation of a health station as rural.

I know it would be a big yes! It rested, savored and consolidated its position through the ages by developing its own language, rituals, arts and sciences from the physical, psycho-social and spiritual needs of patients. See other specific salaries of Pharmacists based on companies and years of experiences. The payment covers the first 28 days of their arrival at their duty stations.


Tosin February 12, – Hazard allowance of N60, per annum shall be paid across the board to all health professionals and staff.

The applicable rates are as follows in info-graph 11. This sums up to a salary of N, yearly.

The consolidated salary now includes rent subsidy, which in the old salary package was seperated. Learn how your comment data is processed. From the salaries above, one can easily conclude that the Medical Profession is really a noble one, not just in words or for prestige sake but also reflects ealary the salaries received. The president, commander in cheif of the armed forces of the federal republic of nigeria has approved a new salary structure for health professionals and staff in the federal public service following the collective agreement between the federal ministry of health and the joint health sector unions on 2nd December I will really like to find out what it is for other states, especially cross river state.

Get Free Nursing News Alert. It is a grade salary structure with each scale consisting of a number of steps ranging from 15 for the lower grades to 9 for the highest grades.

Hello Prince, Thanks for contacting us. A GL 04 civil servant will earn a sum of N20, after 28 days. See other specific salaries of Physiotherapists based on companies and years of experiences. It does annual reviews of wages and sakary in the Nigerian Civil Service. President of Nigeria Salary Details: This salary structure was implanted in and it is still in use till now.