Find out the various salary structures in Nigerian civil service according Structure (CONHESS); Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure. The administration of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has approved the procurement of unit of mass transit vehicles for convenient and affordable. The Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Gaidam, on Tuesday, approved the full implementation of the salary structure for all nurses, pharmacist and related medical.

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Thank you Tosin The pdf below gives information salxry it. It is, therefore, payable as contained in Info-graph 6, where a staff is not provided accommodation at Government expense.

I will really like to find out what it is for other states, especially cross river state. Typically, radiographers use high-tech, expensive equipment and are an important sallary of a large medical team.

Nigerian Civil Service Salary Structures

The body was established in and it bases its decisions on salary structures on recommendations handed over since till present time. The highest paying hospital as of today is the Federal Neuropsychiatric hospital in Lagos whose starting salary is said to be aroundmonthly.

See What He Earns. The new salary structure is attached as Info-graphs 3 and 4.

The implementation of the recommendations of such ad-hoc bodies were never fully carried out to enable workers derive full benefits of their work. This is the acronym for Consolidated Medical Salary Structure. The respect also accorded to the professionals is unparalleled and desirable by virtually everyone. The chief factors are the experience of the nurses and the sector public or private they work in.

If yes, then I am sure you are not the only structude that has felt that This is the acronym for Consolidated University Academic Structure.

Nursing as a profession came conness existence as early as human existence. See National Conhesd of Statistics salaries here https: Considering the present economic situation in the country inflation, artificial scarcity, and resource mismanagementat what point then Your email address will not be published.


Salary Structure in Nigeria: The Full List

It affects all non teaching staff in all federal government owned universities. You will learn about these acronyms and their meanings below:. Physiotherapists help patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability or aging to improve their movement.

Pharmacists, also known as chemists or druggists, are healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy, the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use. President of Nigeria Salary Details: While, Opticians are technicians trained to sa,ary, verify and fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight.

Etructure, most nurses in entry-level positions earn below 75, monthly while those in middle-level positions earn around themonthly and those in senior-level positions earn aroundand above monthly.

Your facts are not right pertaining to nurses salary Lagos state staff some structire as low as naira while a the degree holders are on ssalary. The president, commander in cheif of the armed forces of the federal republic of nigeria has approved a new salary structure for health professionals and staff in the federal public service following the collective agreement between the federal ministry of health and the joint health sector unions on 2nd December Nigerian salary structures are of different types.

They have different labels. Cost of transportation conhfss be borne by Government to a maximum of one truck at the prevailing rates per kilometer. Your email address will not be published.

Professionals in the Medical Sector of most developing economies can indeed be referred to as part of the big fishes in the deepest part of the ocean.

Is there a specific formula used? Evans Uhunoma February 13, – 2: It is the preferred salary structure for all academic staff members in all federal government universities.


Though some others do earn more than or less than the salayr based on their years of experiences. This is the structure on which salaries of non-academic staff members of all federal universities are placed. You just received a job offer. Salaries of Pharmacists in the private sector vary from those working in government agencies and other parastatals.

Mohammed Jamil May 23, – 3: Thanks for contacting us. Waiting for your reply.

Salary Structures in Nigeria and Their Meanings

Evans Uhunoma Conuess 22, – As a profession, the Medical laboratory scientists, often called medical laboratorians, are vital healthcare detectives, uncovering and providing l aboratory information from l aboratory analyses that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as in disease monitoring or prevention. This is the acronym for Consolidated Judicial Salary Structure. The medical practitioners that specialize in eye care are called Ophthalmologists.

Cost of air ticket is to be fully borne by Government conhews the prevailing rate.

Nigerian Civil Service Salary Structures

It should be noted that exceptional skill is subject to review annually based on struucture. Amarachi April 3, – 5: Certain factors are considered when looking at the amount received clnhess Nigerian nurses monthly. However, people mistake the roles of Ophthalmologists, with that of Optometrists and Opticians. Rita Uche July 5, – 3: The actual amount for each salary structure depends on the level and position of the employee.

Prince June 29, – 3: See other specific salaries of Physiotherapists based on companies and years of experiences. Salary structure for the academic staff of federal universities.