In book: Contribuciones de la ciencia al manejo costero integrado de la Bahía de Chetumal y su área de influencia, Publisher: Universidad de. (µg/g) en tejido óseo de Trichechus manatus en Bahía de Chetumal, .. una prioridad para el estudio de los impactos de la contaminación. Chetumali-öböl (Bahía de Chetumal) Quintana Roo fővárosa, az öböl névadója, Chetumal, amelynek szomszédságában torkollik az öbölbe az országhatáron.

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Click here to sign up. Median concentration of total PCBs was 2.

Biology General Country of publisher: The hexane fraction was also concentrated and then transferred to a Kuderna-Danish tube to concentrate the extract to a final volume of 2 mL using a continuous stream of nitrogen. The Bay of Chetumal, on the border between Mexico and Belize, and the sampling stations. IV Cromprehensive descriptions of trace organic analybcal methods.

Mar Poll Bull 26 The sediment extracts were fractionated by alumina: The Mexican side of the bay has ize been declared recently a sanctuary of the manatee Lock The concentrations of chlorinated compounds seem to be low, as recent sediments compared with other regions in Mexico and the northern Gulf of Mexico; however, there is evidence that some of these compounds affect the structure of the benthic community Salazar-Silva Nuevas citas sobre este autor.

LC h in Capitella capitata Fabricius exposed biodegradable household detergents.

Russell Giovanni Uc Peraza | FURG – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande –

Oceani The high concentrations of hydrocarbons are a cause for concern, National given the importance of this ecosystem as breeding ground for the West Indian manatee and other endangered species, and because it is an ecosystem shared by two countries, which may complicate its management. Acute toxicity and risk assessment of three commercial detergents using the polychaete Capitella sp.


Taxonomic catalogue of conraminacion Spionidae Annelida: Redescriptions and reestablishments of some species belonging to the genus Prionospio Polychaeta, Spionidae and descriptions of three new species VH Delgado-Blas Helgoland marine research 68 1, The median concentrations of total DDTs 1. Young E Bacalar Chico marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary. The overall median PAH concentration found here is 2.

Chetumali-öböl – Wikipédia

Skip to main content. The median concentration of total pesticides, 6.

The benthic flora, and the vegetative and reproductive characters of the algae Batophora oerstedii and B. It is located between 18 21′ and 18 52′ N, and 87 54′ and 88 23′ W.

The organic compounds were separated and quantified by gas chromatography using a Hewlett Packard Series I1 gas cromatograph equipped with a 30 m x 0.

Forty taxa were found, 11 are new records for the Chetumal Bay, and 6 are new records for the Dde Caribbean. University of Quintana Roo Acute toxicity and risk assessment of three commercial detergents using the polychaete Capitella sp. Ocean acidification and its effects in the marine ecosystems. The injector temperature chetumall ” C.

Prionospio Polychaeta, Spionidae from the Grand Caribbean Region, with the descriptions of five new species and a key to species cintaminacion in the area VH Delgado-Blas Zootaxa 1, It is a shallow lagoon with a mean depth of 3. Two new species of Paraprionospio Polychaeta: The spatial distribution of hydrocarbons in the Bay is different than that for pesticides Figs.



Costa Rica Language of fulltext: It is connected to the Caribbean Sea through a shallow 19 krn opening. February 9 ,a June The highest concentrations, for all hydrocarbon fractions, were observed in station 17, at the northeast of the Bay.

Heavy metals in the mussel Mytilus californianus Conrad of the west coast of Baja California, Mexico. Click here to sign up. Twenty grams of silica gel were sluny-packed in methylene Table 1. The Rio Hondo is the border between Medco and Belize, and is chetual major source of pollutants to the Bay.

Hydrochemistry and carbonate sediment characterisation of Bacalar Lagoon, Mexican Caribbean

Skip to main content. Approximately 30 g of sediment dry weight were extracted with hexane and methylene chloride during 8 hours each in a soxhlet apparatus. The distribution for total organochlorine compounds has a maximum at station 17, at the northeast comer of the Bay Fig. Enteromorpha species were present in sites chetumao as rich in organic matter both from anthropogenic and natural sources.

As part of an integrated effort to diagnose this mass mortality, the concentrations of organic pollutants in the sediments of the bay were determined. Lock N Ransboundary protected areas between Mexico and Belize.

Environ Sci Techno1 23 7: Bioassays as a tool for aquatic toxicology. Help Center Find new research papers in: New record and new species of Scolelepis Polychaeta: Temporal and Spatial Variation.

Bull Environ Contam Toxicol