con el diagnóstico histopatológico de cordoma de la base del cráneo .. magnética cerebral, corte sagital, secuencia T1, cordoma del clivus. Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un chordoma; clivus; endoscopic resection; malignant tumor. RESUMEN. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 19, , Ines Gamboa and others published Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un.

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Extraosseous processes that histologically resemble a chordoma include ecchordosis cofdoma 14, 17, 22, 25 and intradural chordoma. These entities show different biological behavior, with gradient evolution of growth and malignancy from the usually asymptomatic ecchordosis, to the slowly evolving intradural chordoma, to the highly malignant and invasive chordoma MRI of intracranial chordomas.

In contrast, radiosurgery has the advantage of high dose single-session irradiation and efficacy for small sized tumor mass 7 Published online Aug The radiological appearance of our tumor was not diagnosed either on plain radiography, CT, or MR imaging. The proximity of chordomas to vital neurological structures such as the brain stem and nerves limits the dose cel radiation that can safely be delivered.

Intradural Retroclival Chordoma

To quiz yourself on this article, log in to see multiple choice questions. Electromicrographs of the tumor specimen.


corroma SpineCentral Nervous SystemMusculoskeletal. She underwent retromastoid suboccipital craniotomy to resect the tumor mass and adjuvant gamma knife radiosurgery for remnant tumor at 1 month after operation. Gamma knife radiosurgery for remnant tumor was performed on 1 month after operation.

Chordomas are relatively radioresistant, requiring high doses of radiation to be controlled. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia by one of the authors B. The role of radiosurgery in the management of chordoma and chondrosarcoma of the cranial base. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are locally aggressive but uncommonly metastasise.

Chordoma | Radiology Reference Article |

True malignant forms of chordomas occasionally clrdoma areas of typical chordoma as well as undifferentiated areas, most often fibrosarcoma. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The variety of these components may explain the signal heterogeneity observed on MRI. Report of two cases.

MRI of extensive clival chordoma in year-old male patient, axial view. The histological features and antigen expression were consistent with the diagnosis of chordoma. Postoperative dfl CT demonstrates no definite contrast enhancing mass in right cerebellopontine angle region and no bony destruction. Like their counterparts at other sites, such tumors are considered to arise from notochordal rests.

This year-old woman was healthy until she suffered an episode of dizziness, ataxia, mild right hearing difficulty and right facial numbness. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Clius resonance imaging demonstrated that the tumor located in the retroclival and right crerebellopontine angle, growing into right cavernous sinus and Meckel’s cave and compressing the brainstem from medulla to midbrain Fig. About Blog Go ad-free. Our experience suggests that at least some cranial chordomas enhance unpublished data.


This neoplasm is thought to be essentially extradural in nature and generally associated with extradural extension and bone destruction.

Extraosseous spinal chordoma in: Journal of Neurosurgery Volume 75 Issue 6 Year

Microneurosurgery of CNS Tumor; pp. Intradural extraosseous chordoma has clearly different features from those of typical chordoma Discussion The interest of this case lies not only in the nature and location of the incidentally discovered tumor but also in its radiological presentation coivus an asymptomatic lesion at one lumbar level associated with a symptomatic disc extrusion at another lumbar level.

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Primary intradural pontocerebellar chordoma metastasizing in the subarachnoid spinal canal. The tumor in our patient lent itself to complete surgical removal. Thank you for updating your details. Extent of tumour and contrast enhancement: