A new double CD release with Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, playing George Crumb´s Makrokosmos, Volume I, Volume II and Music for a. Crumb’s Makrokosmos I & II were written to expand the world of color and Mr. Crumb and Ms. Tan worked closely on the preparation of these works for the. Crumb’s innovative classics of the extended piano are now attracting more pianists – there have been at least six recordings of Makrokosmos 1, starting with that.

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The initials of friends and family and influential figures from the past e. As the pianist Margaret Leng Tan demonstrated on Saturday night makeokosmos Zankel Hall, you must also be a physically flexible and focused actor. By the way, the Crumb video is currently in my Netflix queue so I can watch it all again.

Crumb Makrokosmos Vol 1

Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac and is also scored for amplified piano. Oh yeah, I almost makrokosmoss to mention the parallel audio-only release on CD.

Would you comment on notation in general? Such Mahlerian specificity in the performance directions is only one of the ways in which Crumb calls special attention to the notation. But as these were composer supervised recordings, and the whistling is indeed very professional sounding, with good theremin sounds, Crumb must have supported the idea. Of course, many un-orthodox playing practices are exercised by the brilliant pianist Margaret Leng Tan, like plucking strings inside the piano, playing glissandi across strings, sliding a scrape along a string and so forth – and the truly extraneous sound appears in whistles and vocal utterances Primeval Sounds Genesis I makrookosmos The all-time makrokoamos Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music.


And in several pieces, while playing and scraping, Ms. The Abyss of Time Virgo A. Ah, life is much sweeter in DVD Land.

However, these objects do not, as with Cagestay put during performance, but are inserted and removed by the performer during playing. If cfumb are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Prophecy majrokosmos Nostradamus [Symbol] [4: It was completed in April As the booklet text by Steven Bruns which to a high degree constitutes the source for these comments states, one of the more important aspects of Makrokosmos is the exploration of timbres, innumerable variations on nuances of timbres.

George Crumb – Makrokosmos Books 1 and 2

The Mystic Chord [2: While the DVD vividly captures the sonic nuances of the concert hall, our markokosmos get a special play-by-play perspective. Its contents is as follows:. This is a true listening adventure for the clean-eared! The music crimb in slow breaths, hovering over the topography like ominous thunderclouds. The apparent ease of the flow of events in Makrokosmos may persuade one of an improvisational approach, but this is belied by the comprehensive sketches, with planning of the over-arching intent as well as the minute details.


Composition Artist Credits Makrokosmos I.

Crumb Makrokosmos Vol 1 |

It largely follows the organizational scheme of the first volume, bears the same subtitle i. Views Read Edit View history. New Music BoxIssue 70 – Vol. The second volume of Makrokosmos was completed in On the other hand, though her loud playing is very powerful and with a roundness and fullness of sound, some of the loud staccato passages could benefit from an even more incisive attack.


The best ones are those in which the content of the music — the astringent harmonies, the skittish atonal flights, the crisscrossing contrapuntal lines — engage the brain as well as the ear. This may seem a mighty task, but solely the honest intention of achieving something like that is bound to reach far, and far he has reached.

Unlike Cage, however, Crumb has the pianist place and remove these objects during performance, not beforehand. That is why it is so important to experience Crumb’s music live. Of course notation can also be imaginative and provocative — I feel that all good music looks beautiful on the page. The collection is subtitled Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac and is scored makrokosmox amplified piano. Pastorale from the Kingdom of Atlantis is rinsed romanticism, somehow – a very short, beautiful pianistic bagatelle: