View Notes – Opp’s Notes(1).doc from CSE at Anna University Chennai – Regional Office, Coimbatore. CS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 3 0 . Anna University CS Object Oriented Programming Department of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology (Regulation. Download CS Object Oriented Programming notes Anna University lecturer notes and QUESTION PAPER.

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A constructor is defined which initializes length to 5 and breadth to 2. Commonly files represent programs boyh source and object forms and data.

A constructor takes a single argument whose type is to be converted. And finally, the ovject of object A1 is displayed. Character set in C Character set in C We should use only the following characters in writing a C program. What is a recursive function? Function Definition Includes description of the interface and the function More information. Such classes are called local classes. Tells the object what to do with itself Example: Objects are the basic run time entities in an object oriented system.

It is a collection objecct statements that are grouped together to perform an operation.

For abstractions to work, implementations orientdd be encapsulated. Define Polymorphism It is the property of the same object to behave differently in different contexts given the same message. Match the following people with their contribution to the field of Computer Science, where a name can be used more than once.


To change the channel on TV — We use the channel selection buttons ,This sends a message that we want to select a new channel — The TV responds to the message by selecting and executing a method. The properties of inheritance does not affect the programminng classes. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.


The existing classes are called base classes. Conversion from basic data type to class type can be done in destination class. Objects contain data and code to manipulate data. One exception here is the mutable member.

CS Object Oriented Programming – Lecture Notes (PPT)

How the computer interprets the string More information. Cleopatra Drusilla Bruce 1 years ago Views: Even an object cannot invoke a private function using the dot operator. Introduction to Software Systems Lecture What can be overloaded.

It is called constructor because it constructs the values f data members of the class. All the static data members are initialized to zero at the time of declaration. Unit I Object oriented programming concepts — objects — classes — methods and messages — abstraction and encapsulation — inheritance — abstract classes — polymorphism. Odiented will you define a class? The IC Language Specification. If a derived class is derived from another derived class then it is known as multilevel inheritance.

Hence the area of object A2 will be 2. The technique of creating new data types that are well suited to an application to be programmed is known as data abstraction.



For instance, errors such as keyboard interrupts, hardware malfunctions, disk failure, and so on. A class can allow non-member functions and other classes to access its own private data, by making them friends.

Lippman, Josee Lajoie, Barbara E. What does mean? The constructor is invoked whenever an object of its associated class is created.

For example a file on a tape must be accessed sequentially. How will you overload Unary and Binary operator using Friend functions? To avoid such implicit conversions, a constructor that takes one argument can be declared explicit. This is done by Operator functionwhich describes the task. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

How do you classify ios class? Operator functions are either member functions or friend functions. Hence, the area of object A1 will be Since, constructor are called when object is created. Java primitive types and operations.