PDF | The cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome (CBMN cyt) assay is a new and comprehensive technique for measuring DNA damage. DNA damage and cytotoxicity biomarkers in the lymphocyte Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Cytome (CBMN Cyt) assay. DNA damage biomarkers include (a). Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus Cytome Assays for the Determination of Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Cecal Water in Rats and Fecal Water.

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In this study we used the following formula: View large Download slide.

MN usually have the same staining intensity as the main nuclei, but occasionally cytokinessis may be more intense [ 4 ]. Estimating the effects of small doses of ionising radiation on DNA is one of the most important problems in modern biology.

In particular, an unusually high frequency of aberrant metaphase spreads 5. Each genetic alteration or mutation, whether an initiating or a progression-associated event, can cause gross chromosomal changes and can therefore be detected cytogenetically [ 314 ].

However, this technique is not applicable to other cell populations in vivo or in vitroand other methods have since been developed to measure MN in a variety of nucleated cell types in vitro [ 13 ].

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Folic acid enhances the apoptotic and genotoxic activity of carboplatin in HeLa cell line. The presence of a mononuclear cell suggested that the cell had not responded to a mitotic signal and was not undergoing mitosis.

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The micronucleus assay as a biological dosimeter of in vivo ionising radiation exposure. In this study, cells were counted and categorised, based upon the presence of MN, NPBs and protrusions.


In addition, a significant increase in the frequency of binucleated lymphocytes with MN in females compared with males 4. According to prior studies [ 16 ], increase in the frequency of MN is proportional to age. Characteristics of this group are presented in Table 3. This procedure was repeated several times until the pellet appeared clean and the cell suspension was clear.

A distribution analysis of the frequency of cells with MN was conducted using the Shapiro—Wilk test and yielded an index of 0.

Cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assay

In this study, we assessed radon genotoxic effects microbucleus counting micronuclei MNnucleoplasmic bridges Cytokinesjs and nuclear buds NBUDs in the lymphocytes of children who are long-term residents from areas with high radon concentrations.

MN were observed in cells that had progressed through more than one mitotic event. Schmid [ 15 ] and Heddle [ 9 ] independently proposed an alternative and simpler approach for assessing chromosome damage in vivo and that was measuring micronuclei MNalso known as Howell—Jolly bodies. This was reflected in our study by an increased frequency of cells with micronuclei MNparticularly in binucleated peripheral blood lymphocytes 0. Significant difference between groups: In the classical cytogenetic techniques, chromosomes are studied directly by observation and by counting the aberrations in metaphase spreads.

However, radon microbucleus measured in the educational and living quarters of the cjtokinesis school were high The supernatant was removed, the pellet was broken and 1 ml of cold, freshly prepared 0. The frequency of cells with MN is a key indicator of the extent of DNA damage due to exposure to various genotoxicants, including radon.

Showing of references. However, it is important to note that current models estimating the risk of radiation-related hazards are based upon analysis of data collected from irradiated miners. We used the following criteria to identify the micronuclei:. Because NPBs are a micronuleus of chromosomal aberrations and the formation of dicentric and polycentric chromosomes, the micronufleus of the values from the micronucleus test with those obtained from the analysis of chromosomal aberrations was of special interest in our study.


Citing articles via Web of Science 7. SFTG international collaborative study on in vitro micronucleus test I.

Cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assay – Semantic Scholar

The high-throughput nature of LSC can provide unique advantages in future DNA damage micronuclfus in experimental and epidemiological studies. Based on our observations, we propose that the increased proliferation serves as a compensatory mechanism to counter genotoxic effects from radon.

In addition, bloxk radon-exposed group exhibited a lower number of mono- and binucleated cells and an increased number of polynucleated cells Table 4. Different cytogenetic methods exist to analyse DNA damage; the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay CBMN for human peripheral blood lymphocytes is a simple, cheap and informative cytogenetic method that can be used to detect genotoxic-related markers.

In the exposed group, 0.

However, seven cells exhibited two MN and one cell exhibited three MN in the control group, while in the exposed group 12 cells exhibited two MN and three cells exhibited three MN. Blood samples were obtained from 60 children and teenagers, 8—17 years old, who had been residing long-term 3. The mining region of Kemerovo is located in the Russian Federation [ 2 ].