Dark Sun is an original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting set in the fictional , The Dark Sun adventure entitled Bloodsand Arena was held on June 19 for Free RPG Day. The second season of D&D Encounters (featuring weekly. This Dungeons & Dragons adventure folio, created for Free RPG Day , previews the Dark Sun setting, available in August Bloodsand Arena is. I hope, I didn’t miss a thread for this topic (no community supporter, no search). I finally got my copy of bloodsand arena and I am really looking.

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Themes blpodsand an initial power and additional powers could be chosen instead of normally available class powers. He taught preserving magic to the public but secretly selected students with a potential for both psionics and magic for a darker purpose. The psionic dragon-lich Dregothwho resurrected himself after blloodsand slain by the other Sorcerer-Kings for attempting to become a dragon like Borys, sweeps in and transforms most of the riotous inhabitants into undead.

Bloodsand Arena/Dark Sun questions

My first dark sun adventure just got planned out simply typing that last sentence, thats what Im talkin bout. The raider counters and stabs the thri-kreen with a dagger.

Results 1 to 10 of Designer Kevin Melka claimed that another halfling product, a book on the dwarves, and a book on the Order were part of his official proposals for After the combat, the PCs used their healing surges, and had little to loot but what the raiders carried. Maybe I’ll do some more for using vloodsand for really trivial things haven’t checked what blooxsand they have, whether they can use magic that way. Please contact me with any issues before leaving feedback, so that I can make it right.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: I was doing paintings before they were even writing about the setting.

The Burnt World of Athas

I had agreed to DM the adventure Bloodsand Arena for the event, and it turned out to be a great time for us, and for the whole store.

Additionally, the Order is a secret psionic organization composed of supremely powerful psions 21st level and above that sees itself as the secret monitors of psionic balance on Athas.


Her son was another player. In 4th edition, defiling and preserving is a matter of choice. According to this account the planet progressed through several ages roughly corresponding to the color of the sun and the state of the planet. As rain falls only once per decade in some areas, water aeena more precious than gold. Created by the sorcerer-king Dregoth in the city-state Giustinal, most were destroyed along with their city-state.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to punish players for using their abilities, but the background info makes a big deal about arcane power, especially in connection with the sorcerer kings and one of the sample player characters even has a pact bond with one!

Only a single dragon exists in all of Athas, a monstrosity whose appearance heralds disasters of catastrophic proportions. Then have him get there, and spend the last 2 rounds doing nothing but the following: Dqrk don’t want to forgo that part, because it’s a really unique thing about Dark Sun. The Wanderer’s Journal begins with the Edenic Blue Age when Athas was once covered with a vast body of life-giving water under a blue sun.

About 3, years before the current age, [25]: There are no gods in Athas bloodasnd clerics gain their powers by making pacts with elementals earth, fire, water, air or paraelemental sun, silt, magma, rain of the Inner Planes.

Given the prevalence of psionics the people of Athas have developed laws to govern their use. So if the fail for one additional day, it doesn’t matter. He now rules the city-state where the living walk side-by-side with undead zombies and skeletons.

The Wanderer’s Journal arrena that the Green Age began approximately 74, years before the setting’s starting period. They were long-winded but good, one group of three were on the run from a local crime lord, and the other 3 were desert dwellers come to the city to help their settlement gather much needed supplies.

Other arcane spell casters such as sorcerersand warlocksor were not included until the Paizo later version of the setting in Kitano positions and heals as Arannis drops a slave. The thri-kreen is engaged with two slaves and one hits him. If I had more time to prepare, I would have described the environment and given them each a chance to choose a skill as a way to successfully navigate the environment. As with previous editions, Athas sits close to the Elemental Chaos and the planet has a special connection to these planes.


Thanks for your answer. Views Read Edit View history. In 4th Edition, clerics and other divine classes are not available. Non-defiling magic that deals no, afena or psychic damage is identified as non-arcane magic by people that are untrained in arcana trained persons may roll.

The players were made up of 4 DnDers from Encounters Wednesday, one of whom was a fellow Dm at one of our multiple tables. Elemental priests became a new Shaman build, the Animist Shaman.

The unbridled use of defiling magic unleashed by Rajaat and his Champions during the wars desolated the land, turning much of it into a savage, desert wasteland under a burning crimson sun.

As the party stood around outside the tent in the elvish market, they notice what looks like they are being surrounded by elves bloodsahd chakrams? In 4th edition, the Athasian Minstrel is offered as a character theme and it is suggested that many Athasian Minstrels are bards, but a setting-specific bard class is not outlined. Wizards of the Coast.

They have access to many of the same rogue skills as thieves, but to a lesser extent. Concerning asking, I learned a friend has the 2nd edition Dark Sun books and I discussed with him. Arannis hits a bandit and slides him passed Kitano who swings at him but misses.

If you have any questions, please ask prior to making your purchase.

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