Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt. Txting: The gr8 db8. By: David Crystal. Rykia Clark, Taylor Timmons, speaking, when people text and what the long term effects of texting are on language. Txtng: The gr8 db8. By David Crystal. Oxford: Oxford University Press,. ISBN $ Reviewed by Naomi S. Baron, American University.

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Do young people text as much as people think? It is not a bad thing. Crystal yxtng impressive evidence to support his argument, and at least some of it struck me, as superfluous. Yet all the evidence suggests that belief in an impending linguistic disaster is a consequence of a mythology largely created by the media.

I feel that text talk actually enhances the communication process and opens more avenues for communication.

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8

The gr8 db8, David Crystal examines some ways that text talking actually enhances literacy skills rather than promoting a decline. Jun 05, Casey rated it it was ok. Pretty much just a bunch of observations. Gartner, the industry analysts, predict the total will reach 2. The UK has text poetry competitions.

Also like 8 years old so the other book about internet communication is probably something more relevant if that’s what you’re looking for. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This book serves both as an davjd introduction to texting for the uninitiated and as a scholarly resource for those who study the phenomenon.

And some even think it is harming language as a whole. Converting regular language into an alternate language requires creativity, good visual memory, and good motor skills.

Txtng – David Crystal – Oxford University Press

I really wanted to see a substantive debate on that question, but I just don’t think this book delivered on its promise in that regard. Oxford University Press Amazon.


Texting is a worry only for people who gr88 unde This book is the first to take an in-depth look at the linguistics of texting. Academic Skip to main content. Young people who seem to spend much of their time crysal sometimes appear unable or unwilling to write much else. Media outrage has ensued. It would have increased with the arrival of the telegraph, telephone, and broadcasting, each of which generated short-lived fears that the fabric of society was under threat. Living in the Crosshairs David S.

While I am not a teen and do not text with a lot of teens, I found I had never seen most of the abbreviated forms used in the examples in a text message. There’s not a “gr8” deal of “db8” here, and it’s hxtng to avoid the suspicion that the book’s sub-title was chosen for the opportunity it presented to use text abbreviations – indeed, the author even hints at something of the sort at one point p. The focus is on language, but Crystal comments on social and cultural aspects of texting The book does a great job txtnb convincing me that there is really nothing either deviant or inappropriate about how texting came to be.

The author also insists that there is no proof that texting has drystal classroom literacy rates. It does not degrade or destroy people linguistic abilities.

The book discusses texting from a linguistic standpont. Books by David Crystal. The author gives many examples of how language is already full of abbreviations and davidd on words. Does feel a bit dated already. Working on a university campus, though, I’m certainly aware that the text messages are flying all around me all day long, and I want and need to learn more about the subject.

Preview — Txtng by David Crystal. The wet rustle of rain can dampen today. In spite of txtnng, David Crystal’s book remains fresh largely due to its central argument that much of what appears distinctive about the linguistic forms used in text messages is not an aberrant novelty, but part of a long-established phenomenon of linguistic innovation and language play.


The book seemed to go on forever and sometimes repeated the same information and research over and over again. The best parts of the book are where he debunks some of the myths around texting, especially the idea that somehow these acronyms or abbreviations are new – some date back decades, some centuries, daavid millenia!

I agree with Professor David Crystal’s argument that there is nothing to fear from texting. So, I am not someone who gets too flu I am one of those people who never got into the whole texting craze, primarily because I hardly ever use my cell phone and I rarely chat with my friends online. The author of this book has an interesting, and positive, view on the texting phenomenon.

‘Gr8 Db8’ Defends The Linguistics Of Texting

Psychologists, sociologists, health specialists, journalists, and educators have had plenty to say; but hardly any reports provide details of what exactly happens to language when people create texts. Long liv r nobl Qun. Feb 24, Deb rated it liked it. Text messaging has spread like wildfire. Crystal, a world renowned linguist and pr Text messaging has spread like wildfire.

Indeed texting is so crystzl that many parents, teachers, and media pundits have been outspoken in their criticism of it. What is Distinctive About it? Otherwise, Crystal simply points out the antecedents of text messaging. Has there ever been a linguistic phenomenon which has aroused such curiosity, suspicion, fear, confusion, antagonism, fascination, excitement, and enthusiasm, all at once?

But the author really didn’t have anything profound to say, and the book published in already seems dated.