Buy Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 by David Crystal (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This book takes a long hard look at the text-messaging phenomenon and its effects on literacy, language, and society. Young people who seem. Txtng has ratings and 52 reviews. Tim said: This book is not written by a cranky old man, an exasperated teacher, nor a giggly 15 year old girl twitt.

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Text messaging has spread like wildfire. Crystal identifies the linguistic mechanisms and dynamics at work in texting and places it in historical context.

Txtng: the Gr8 Db8 – Wikipedia

Does feel a bit dated already. Crystall Crystal does provide a history of text messaging, lays out its unique qualities, and offers his analysis of who uses it and why, I wouldn’t really recommend this book to anyone who just wants to learn more about text messaging in general. I’m also aware, albeit tangentially, that the quality of student writing seems to be headed in the wrong direction in recent years, and I’ve been inclined to agree with those who blame that decline in part on txtnt rise of text messaging.

And if you’re afraid language is suffering from language abnormalities in text messages, this book might encourage you to see texting in a more positive light. Your text buoys me above oil-rainbow puddles like a paper boat, so that even soaked to the skin I am grinning. The book also includes an interesting chapter on texting in othe The author of this crysta has an interesting, and positive, view on the texting phenomenon.

And far from hindering children’s literacy, texting turns out to help it. Why do they do it? A bit academic in places, but a pretty readable “defence” of texting. Written in so slightly out of date.

The author of this book has an interesting, and positive, view on the texting phenomenon. My attitude could be summed up as ambivalent to weary. Jun 05, Casey rated it it was ok.

Given that this book was first published inand has sat unread on my shelf since then, I expected that it would be outdated, and largely superseded by developments in technology. This is, for the most part, a dry and somewhat academic read. Books by David Crystal. So, I am not someone who gets too flu I am one of those people who never got into the whole texting craze, primarily because I hardly ever use my cell phone and I rarely chat with my friends online.


Txtng: The Gr8 Db8

The best part is probably the appendices with texting abbreviations in a dozen or so foreign languages. I had a feeling that I would be a bit bored with this book as soon as I got a few chapters in.

The txtngg seemed to go on forever and sometimes repeated the same information and research over and over again. Perhaps in a few more years when there are more studies done there will be a better book to come along from him. Hardcoverpages. I do have a cell phone now, but it’s only because my parents foisted one on me; unfortunately, they didn’t add text messaging to their plan, so I’ve never really been able to play around with that technology.

I feel that young teachers as well as older teachers could benefit from the information contained in Txtng: I found the information about texting in other languages really interesting as it really demonstrates how we all play with language, something which Crystal sees as a positive and I tend to agree.

Unless you have some strong interest in the subject and even then look for something newergive this one a pass. Entertaining enough, did not rock my world. Penguin, is a staple in my personal and classroom libraries. This book really gives a great insight to the language used in text messages across the world and sums up how text speak is really just another form of abbreviation – something people have been using for years when it comes to other forms of writing and I’m a total geek when it comes to English Language and I’m slowly working my way through David Crystal’s books.

In fact, there has even been a recent phenomenon in many Asian countries of entire books being written in installments by text messaging.

It deals comprehensively with many different languages, and the examples it gives are quite enlightening, sometimes entertaining. In this humorous, level-headed and insightful book, Hr8 Crystal argues that the panic over texting is misplaced. Maybe not to the extent txtnv is tbe today and certainly not with the technology we txtnng today, but it has been around for a long time.


To be sure, there are some interesting facts for readers to glean from these pages, but my feeling is that those with an interest in linguistics may be the only readers who will truly appreciate the author’s efforts. Converting regular language into an alternate language requires creativity, good visual memory, and good motor skills.

Why all the fuss? The best parts of the book are where he debunks some of the myths around texting, especially the idea that somehow these acronyms or abbreviations are new – some date back decades, some centuries, some millenia! I enjoyed this book because it provided a perspective contrary to what seems faddish recently. Oxford University Press Amazon. He also put a great deal of effort into researching the global texting phenomenon and even compiled textims from 11 other languages.

This was sort of on the 2. I did think it was weird that the entire works cited was just web sites, though. I’m not sure what the “the gr8 db8” is.

Long liv r nobl Qun. Nov 16, Sinead rated it liked it.

xavid Cohen and Krysten Connon. Imho in my humble opinionreaders seeking a light look at texting may say iooh I’m out of here when this book starts getting too technical, but language lovers will likely devour every word of this book.

Analyzing text messages txrng prosecutors by disproving an alibi, which put a killer in prison. With the continued rise of social networking platforms that blur the distinction between text messages, online chat, and blogging, and with the move away from mobile phones with numeric keypads in favour of smartphones and tablets with touchscreens, the character text message may not be around in its current f Given that this book was first published inand has sat unread on my shelf since then, I expected that it would be outdated, and largely superseded by developments in technology.

Oct 15, Daniel rated it liked it. But other than that, it is a very well written book.