Dawn in Eclipse Bay [Jayne Ann Krentz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz. The second installment of Krentz’s Harte-Madison trilogy (following Eclipse Bay) Jayne Ann Krentz, Author DAWN IN ECLIPSE BAY Jayne Ann $ (p). Jayne Ann Krentz – Eclipse Bay Trilogy. Genre: Romance. Jayne Ann Krentz – Eclipse Bay TrilogyEclipse Bay, Dawn in Eclipse Bay, Summer in Eclipse .

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We are experiencing technical difficulties. Jul 19, Readitnweep rated it liked it Dadn They went back to the hospital the next day and Jane told them that the needed to find her camera because it had pictures on it that they needed to see. Gabe got it into his head to try out Lillian’s matchmaking service to find the perfect wife to help him with his business.

Gabe arrived home one night sometime later.

Annie Lyncroft knew her scheme was outrageous. I will look for more books from this author. Add an arty heroine who is strong, independent and smart without being bitchy. Ethan Truax to find the truth.

Karma did get her because she got in an accident going too fast around a curve.


Gabe Madison is a self-made workaholic who created an empire. Return to Book Page.

But Letty’s Uncle Charlie willed her the company, and now she was bubbling with enthusiasm to have Joel, a perfect mentor, show her the ropes. He told Gabe that he should be married and have kids by now rather than spending all of his time running a business.

And as the next generation of Hartes and Madisons, Hannah and Rafe are expected to hate each other too.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz | : Books

Just a g Author: They wanted to name the new company Harte-Madison like it had been before the feud. I prefer female narrators always. I got tired daawn this and would have much prefered just enjoying the characters for who they were and not for the reputation of their families.

Everyone else was commenting on their love life but them. And Calebs’ attraction to her earned her a few more.

I was waiting for the real reason, something that would account for the happenings, but no, this group was determined to believe in it and the suspense that popped up and dominated the rest of the book had nothing to do with the new construction of the institute.

Anderson Flint and Marilyn at the banquet where they were spying for A. However, it did make for a cute story. There was no tension, no real lust on their part. In Eclipse Bay, folks say never to get between a Madison and his passion. Reading about Rafe and Hannah made me want to read the first book, and then reading about Nick and Octavia made me want to read the third.


Mitchell told Lillian that Gabe was serious about her and that she needed to be careful in her relationship with him because it was leading to marriage. A good story, not as much with the paranormal as I expected. May jrentz, Kiki rated it did not like it. Get access to the Member Daily Deal.

He didn’t believe that they didn’t have some. Claire told her that it figured since nothing she ever did worked out. I got so sick of reading that, over and over. For some reason that’s the word that comes to mind when I think about the suspense. Gabe is mad and demands his 6th date, even though she informs him that she has shut down the business.