UNOFFICIAL DEGEN DE MANUAL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. DEGENusan. ITIENTIFIED ARTISTI. DE FLANDET/PE. MEER. EERS. 早年 的世r口国. Download DEGEN DE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. addition, I received many letters from DE users with their comments and .. The receiver manual states that the nominal charging current is mA.

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Pressing Time changes the frequency to the clock momentarily. Plugging in the included 35 foot wire and stringing it indoors gives a further boost.

To tune to frequencies outside these bands, you must enter them, or a memory, de11103 but coverage is complete, from kHz. Using Antenna SW antenna. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Scanners can slowly sweep and memorize search-discovered frequencies for later recall and monitoring, but have no wide-span spectrum display. The lights stay on for 15 seconds after the last turn of the dial or press of a button. In de11003 off mode, hold down buttonin the meantime Please select high-quality rechargeable batteries.

Since there is no attenuator, strong signals manal be reduced by shortening manuzl antenna or increasing the distance from the signal source. One of the s I tried developed a faulty tuning shuttle, affecting de11103 jog dial functions. This feature is the way to at least partially overcome the lack of a standard keypad for groggy bedside operation: Tuning Into A Station 3.

It is not a selective, sensitive receiver that can distinguish between closely-spaced, weak or distant signals, nor does the display sweep or refresh quickly enough to show digital bursts, spread spectrum, frequency hopping, pulse, or single-signal waveforms. Overall, the IF selector works like a charm, and is usually only necessary to separate stations which are 5 kHz apart.


Not only is the dial face illuminated with an amber glow, but all of the front buttons are, too. Its VDC power jack makes it a natural for long-duration mobile operation, identifying nearby signals as they are approached or passed.

Once you fine tune a SSB signal, usually no further adjustment is necessary. Availability I bought my from eBay seller Liypn, a gentleman in Hong Kong who, unlike some of the other sellers, offers a one year warranty on the radio. Press any button to stop auto scan tuning.

As such, its display shows a single, narrow bar for a near-field signal, and the detector demodulates the strongest usually closest FM sources. Detected audio is clearly and loudly heard from the internal speaker, disconnected when an optional earphone is plugged into the 3.

In the upper left corner are three buttons: Turn jog dial wheel to adjust minutes. The silver model especially has a nice finish and the bare aluminum face looks sharp. Still, the buttons are small, and your hand mannual to move around to find them, where the usual keypad format requires almost no movement and provides easy counting.

On SW it jumps in 25 kHz steps, so it reads anywhere from exactly on to 24 kHz mamual. Selectivity Selectivity is excellent on all bands.

Radio Havana Cuba on also sometimes overloads with the wire. Further, the meter acts as a battery level indicator, to show how much charge is left in the cells.


DEGEN DE1103 Operation Manual

No provision is made for rechargeable batteries to be charged in the X Sweeper — surprising considering the cost of the instrument and the presence of such a facility in other, less expensive Opto products. Many of these de11033 intriguing and all had tuning knobs, but none of them read out to the last frequency digit.

See October Monitoring Times for my comparison of these two sets. Tuning up 49 meters, there are no traces of the spurious signals of RT or gospel stations in the background, as there are on single conversion units.

DEGEN DE User`s manual |

If you get a DE, be aware that the factory set and reset de11003 level is 40 it comes on in FM. Illumination With the light switch on, while running on batteries, the radio lights up whenever the jog dial is turned or one of the front buttons is pushed. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Optoelectronics X Sweeper By Bob Grove W8JHD O ne of the handiest gadgets for the frequency explorer would be a handheld device that not only provides signal reception, but de103 band activity on a wide-span spectrum display and also accurately reveals their frequencies.

Through the earphones, music on decent SW signals mnaual rich bass. A huge plus was its scroll wheel which tunes in 1 kHz increments, and it was also fairly small.