The Touch Novels: A Deadly Little Collection: Collecting Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Games (Touch Novel, A) – Kindle edition by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Deadly Little Secret Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Book Cover: Deadly Little Secret. Buy Now: Amazon Buy Now: Barnes and Noble Buy Now: Kobo Buy Now: Indie Bound. Part of the The Touch Series series.

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Ben and Camelia’s relationship was very compelling, making you fall in love with them both.

Touch Series

December 1, Publisher: The ‘Deadly Little’ series is very much a secret itself, hidden between the covers of the more well-known novels on the shelves in the library, waiting to show any willing reader the witty remarks, strong plot-line and that a small secret is just as intriguing as a famous one.

It littlle me never get enough of it. I know authors are inspired by books but they should make it their own and the first half was very similar – to similar. As she sectets lying there, he touches her stomach for some strange reason, and what with the weird moment of touching and his saving her life, she is drawn to him despite the rumors floating around school that he killed his girlfriend.

From their conversations, most of which ltitle something like this: Camelia Hammond is an ordinary and pretty sixteen year-old girl who attends Freetown High School. What I did see as a complete rip-off is the whole pottery scene.

I got kind of annoyed that so many guys were crushing littoe her. There were so many holes and gaps that could have been filled in and expanded upon to make this story flow and be liftle much more interesting.

I’m not sure how Twilight fans feel about this. There is someone wanting to kill Camelia. The one positive thing I can say is that the stalking was not romanticized.


She hides things that you lauriie think she shouldn’t but at the same time you love her Nancy Drew ways. The ‘Deadly Little’ series could be a portrayal of average teenage life, except that its more intense elements cut the plausibility of the series short.

It’s not a ghost story. While I liked Camelia, I did get annoyed with her from time to time, feeling that she occasionally acted foolishly or in ways that might have endangered her.

Return to Book Page. But shortly after Ben’s sudden appearance in her life, Camelia begins receiving chilling phone calls, various packages, lxurie Reviewed by May A. Refresh and try again.

Book Review: Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz – Jessica Lawlor

I actually don’t gravitate toward this genre but I am more and more as of late. I felt rather irritated with the main character throughout this book. Ben insists she is in danger, and that he can help — but can he be trusted?

So the beginning half of this was way too reminescent of Twilight. Lists with This Book. I mean how would you react if photographs, letters, phone calls and messages were being targeted at you and you had no idea why and then a tottally hot stranger saves your life, tells you you’re in danger and that he wants to help? I think, if I’d known this book was going to be a stalker book, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. If someone is stalking you: There did seem to be some chemistry there, but as yet, I don’t have a lot invested in whether or not they’re able to form a lasting romantic relationship.

This paranormal romance thriller will have you trying to solve the mystery for hours. She knows he’s hiding something He tells Camelia she is in grave danger, and that she needs to trust him. Stolarz delivers danger, suspense, a touch of the supernatural, quirky characters, and snappy dialogue in a could-be-near-you high school setting, for her fans, and fans of Twilight and Evermore.

This will either infuriate or intrigue readers, especially when you consider that Stolarz goes out of her way to make the supernatural or magical elements seem as natural and unobtrusive all things considered as possible. I found the font used for the stalker’s thoughts somewhat hard to read.


Deadly Little Secret book report by Basam Mugalli on Prezi

The rumor around school is that Ben was somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s death. I enjoyed the constant witty banter exchanged between them and their very distinct personalities.

But when she confronts him in the hall and tries to thank him, he pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. At the same time, Camelia begins to get odd things in the mail like laaurie of herself with slightly creepy and foreboding messages scribbled on oaurie. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Or get really drunk and review bad books. If I were to give Stolarz’s novels a name, it’d be “appetizer novels”.

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Some stplarz shouldn’t be kept Finally the best friend admits something strange may be going on, but really she insists there’s no proof these events are really connected. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The last pages do get somewhat interesting, but it just doesn’t make up for the rest for me. I was reading it at my dorm alone and I can tell you that, that is very conducive for “hyper-brain” activity.

So sixteen year old Camelia feels a little like an old lady. At some point it did slow down, but it always thrilled wecrets to see what was going to happen next. The ‘Deadly Little’ series holds just as much intrigue and drama as any other mystery or supernatural book. I could not, for the life of me, figure out who the stalker was. It’s mysterious and full of awesomness.