na Administração Pública: Uma Análise Bibliométrica a Partir do Decreto Lei / An AnalysisBibliometric the Breaking of Decree Law 5,/ Decreto-Lei /98 – Estabelece normas, critérios e objectivos de qualidade com a finalidade de proteger o meio aquático e melhorar a. Decreto Nº Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Mapa Mental Resumo Licitacoes. Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Questões Decretos e

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Hypoxia Up-Regulates Galectin-3 in Mammary Tumor Progression and Metastasis

Cells treated with H 2 O 2under normal oxygen 570, showed increased nuclear galectin-3 expression. Departing from the transcription of the interviews, the resulting content was analyzed to identify the convergence with the categories of analysis outlined a priori, namely, meanings associated with the implementation of the competency-based management model in the organizations, as well as attributes of collective competencies and their sources, as proposed by Retour and Krohmer The competency-based management model assumes that organizational competencies guide the actions that permeate management subsystems – and among them, people management.

It is a carbohydrate-binding protein which mediates cell—cell and cell—extracellular matrix ECM interactions and that has been implicated in several key steps of the cancer metastatic process [ 12 ] and drug resistance [ 34 ].

The prognostic value of histological tumor necrosis in solid organ malignant disease: Photomicrographs depict Galectin-3 and MUC1 immunostaining in lung metastasis. Despite galectin-3 may be secreted to the extracellular space in an energy-independent manner [ 36 ], our present data seem not to support any additional differences in the secretion of the lectin at different points of hypoxia exposure S2 Fig.

A cost-benefit analysis of bevacizumab in combination with paclitaxel in the first-line treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer. Slides were analyzed with a Zeiss fluorescence microscope. Galectin-3 and MUC1 were expressed in tumor cells around necrosis.

Cell-type-specific regulation of degradation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha: A role for synexin in galectin-3 translocation.

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Now, knowing that the aspects of organizational culture can influence individual behavior, that the organizational climate brings an impact on the daily life of the organization, and that the constitution of effective work teams can contribute to increase productivity at work, why decrero so much emphasis be placed on the contributions of the individual to the organization?


In hypoxic conditions, upon medium detoxification, galectin-3 expression decreased when compared with hypoxic untreated CMT-U27 cells Fig 2Bcorroborating the immunofluorescence analyses.

Co-expression of galectin-3 and GLUT-1 in cell subpopulations of highly hypoxic areas in primary tumors and well-established metastases Tumor xenograft models present an overly rapid volume doubling time, often failing to model key steps of the metastatic process. After three washes with PBS, cells were incubated with Alexa conjugated with donkey anti-rat antibody Deceto and Alexa conjugated with goat anti-rabbit antibody 1: The competency-based management model considers the participation of employees as a fundamental aspect to the 7507 of the organizational strategy and the development of competitive advantage.

Ten face-to-face interviews were conducted with variable duration between the interviewees. It has been demonstrated that hypoxia-related changes are associated to poor prognosis and to increased chemo and radiotherapy resistance [ 18 ]. The level of 18S RNA in each sample was measured and used for normalization of target gene abundance. In terms of the collective competencies, the perception of the interviewees was not enough to confirm their existence.

Nevertheless, in hydrogen peroxide treated cells under hypoxia galectin-3 was mostly cytoplasmic. The second would be related to human resource management and its use in the integration of decteto management subsystems.

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However, although protein expression of galectin-3 was increased as early as after 6 hours of hypoxia, such was not evident at the mRNA level before 24 hours of treatment, pointing out a complex expression regulation, both at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels.

High levels of galectin-3 expression were found in tumor areas surrounding necrotic tissue Fig 5A as well as in lung micro metastases Fig 5B. GLUT-1, included as a well-known target of hypoxic conditions, was also not increased in the presence of catalase. In order to demonstrate the putative role of hypoxia in regulating galectin-3 expression in canine mammary tumors CMTin vitro and in vivo studies were performed.


In solid tumors, hypoxia is primarily a pathophysiological consequence of the high tumor growth with lagging angiogenesis, and is one of the major stress sources for both cancer and normal cells [ 182425 ].

The majority of respondents considered that the implementation of the model was in its initial stage, since two out of the four subsystems planned, competency-based performance management and competency-based training, had been carried out. Galectin-3 expression, was kept, both in levels and quantity, similar to that seen in normoxic cells.

The author considers the first view as that of strategic management, related to the application of the concept at the macro level of management, whose essential competencies would be at the core of the discussions. It thus replicates the individualized logic of organizational performance and results, putting the social, cultural, and political dynamics of the organization in the background.

According to Amaralthe new policy is in line with modern people management, which would be based on the strategic tripod: We observed that galectin-3 mRNA was increased upon low oxygen exposure, demonstrating that the gene was transcriptionally activated under hypoxic conditions. In the specific case of Brazil, the authors mention that the state reforms followed the managerial perspective according to which management practices prevailing in the private sector were taken as reference and transposed to the public sector in order to promote greater efficiency in the state administration and focus on results.

This ability to act collectively would be of a tacit nature and not possible to be replicated since the combination of factors would particularly belong to each collective body, to each organization Grimand, ; Michaux, Representative lel cell expression shows that despite galectin-3 increase under hypoxia, in the presence of catalase this was not verified.