Read “Defying Pack Law” by Eve Langlais with Rakuten Kobo. A Dark and Sensual Reverse Harem Romance Pack Law states she must have more than one. Pack Law states she must have more than one mate. Like hell. Rather than be forced into a mating with more than one man, Dana flees the pack. Defying Pack Law, le livre audio de Eve Langlais à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai.

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Defying Pack Law Livre audio | Eve Langlais |

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Jan 16, Sophia rated it liked it Shelves: Wow, listen to this book almost brought me to tears on more than one occasion. Nathan wants her only for himself and almost lets jealousy get the best of him.

Lucky for her she was found at the right time. A Nurse for the Wolfman. Positives The world building – While the off balanced ratio of male to female wolves isn’t exactly original, Langlais put her own twist on it.

Anyway, she falls for the other two, ends up mating one of them before Nathan and that drives Nathan berserk.

Mated To The Cyborgs. Even though the story is a paranormal and outside reality, in this instance it was too unrealistic. However, damn her female hormones, she gets attracted to his friends: The wolves I enjoyed this book but it felt undeveloped and full of missed opportunities to be a better book.

It was oh so sexy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Defying Pack Law

Her luck finally runs out and she finds herself in a hopeless situation, one where death would be the better alternative, when she is rescued by the man she ran from twelve years ago. Her Rebel to Kiss. But, it was a good start to a series for those who enjoy their reverse harems and shifter romances all in one. Except Dana’s changed since she left. What normal female would want to be forced to share her body with two or more men instead of just one? But when her wolf finally did come in, and Nathan started talking about her other “mates” She got scared and ran off – For 12 years Dana lived in fear of having other Males claim her.


Defying Pack Law – New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author – Eve Langlais

I liked all the suitors Dana picked and it was fun to see their various personalities all start to work defging as a unit with Dana. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points!

I’ve read this series way out of order starting with book four, then this one. But John, swoon, made up for it. He was forced to share her with others in his pqck So pack law states that Lycan females must be shared by two or more males. She runs away and stays gone for twelve years.

As Lycan female, she is rare and should be treasured but against Dana’s desires, she must be shared among the males in her pack. If evw would have happened I would not have finished the book. Once Dana gets to know John and Kody she believes having three mates might not be so bad. Loved her spirit in how she lives for 12 years alone and away from the Pack, becomes strong and Werewolves are my secret fetish, something about them that calls to me and therefore really wanted to like this book as it had not one but four werewolves, all hot and happening!!

Nevertheless, I could see a reader going either way with this book. But hey, she’d been on her own for twelve years, away from pack life. Kody is a mischievous one and I wish we got more of him in the book. It’s sexy, sensual, dark and packed with suspense. John was the calm and reasonable one. Please talk to your doctor before attempting the foursome scene portrayed in this book. Yes, he loved her and wanted her to himself, but he’d shoot himself in the foot every time he opened his mouth!


The evolution of her thoughts and feelings was enticing and through the authors choice of words Evve felt much of what our feisty heroine felt- even those of her mates. It hits on several of my favorite genres and at the same time gives me a chance to explore defyingg of her books. He’s thoughtful and has this solid assurance and supportive vibe going on.

I loved this book. Croc And The Fox. I myself enjoyed the first part quite a lot, but halfway through I started to get kind of bored and I honestly expected more from the story. Lists with This Book. Okay so I am not normal: Due to the low birth rate especially langpais birth of girls every female in the werewolf community is supposed to be shared. I might need to get my whip out on occasion to get Nathan’s ass in line, but I will take him, jealousy, temper and all!

When A Lioness Growls.

Since Dana grew up up in a household with a cruel male role model for a father, she is very skittish about living out her life within the pack paramet Defying Pack Law by Eve Langlais is wonderful escapade into the intriguing world of the paranormal werewolf shifter population.