Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands. “The title may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that. Der Zahlenteufel. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger at – ISBN – ISBN – DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch – : Der Zahlenteufel () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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I teach three classes of 9th grade students with a history of below average math skills. It helps to capture the magic of numbers. Though I found the math, explanations and diagrams mathematically sound, I did not find the definition of irrational numbers sound.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Math contests require this knowledge and here is a fun way to present it. Views Read Edit View history.

I read it for a college course in a secondary education program although I am English and not Mathand am currently working with a group to create an interdisciplinary unit centered around this book. Contributed by John C. Retrieved 26 October I really wish that the book would have just put the actual names of the concepts, and xahlenteufel tried to be as cute.


Are the concepts such as Fibonacci zahlenyeufel and Pascal’s triangle merely mathematical “recreations” or are they actually useful for something? He also experiences recurring dreams —including falling down an endless slide or being eaten by a giant fish—but is interrupted from this sleep habit one night by a small devil creature who introduces himself as the Number Devil. By this dream, Robert’s mother has noticed a visible change in Robert’s mathematical interest, and Robert begins going to sleep earlier to encounter the Number Devil.

The New York Review of Books. My mother raised me with a love of numbers and math and its mysteries and complexities from an early age.

Der Zahlenteufel PDF Download – AnthonyNCarl

The Number Devil received mostly positive reviews from critics. The find it humorous, and imaginative, as they discover the world beyond the math book. Contributed by Alex I am a 9th grader who just recently had to write zahlenteufell paper about fibonacci numbers.

Contributed by Sue This book is the best – I am reading it to my 9 year old daughter – one chapter a day and she zaulenteufel it. When reading such books as “The DaVinci Code”, somehow it makes me feel really powerful to know that in a star with a pentagon around it, the ratio of the pentagon’s sides to the star’s legs is the golden ratio.


It can be read by people of many zahlenteufeo. English, Math, and Art.

His mother is Mrs. Retrieved from ” https: He defined them as zahlenteeufel. A Mathematical Adventure German: Some of the math concepts were a little confusing but managable.

The Number Devil – Wikipedia

The book was a hit across Europe, becoming a best seller in at least Spain, Germany, [8] the Netherlands, [9] and Italy. Notices of the AMS. While it didn’t give me zahleteufel about fibonacci besides a few interesting little bits about his numbers, I did recall what a great read this was when i was in zahenteufel grade.

We read this book to learn and have fun. My son then read it again for a project when he was in 5th grade.

Retrieved 16 December Anything that gets a kid excited about math works for me. FantasyDidacticChildren’s Literature.

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