5 lumbar dermatomas (L1-L5) that provide sensation of these spinal nerves in the lower extremity (leg, foot, hip, etc.) – “L” refers to the five lumbar vertebrae, the. T L L L L L S S S L L S L S L L S T- L L L L L L L S S L S S S L Por otro lado, estudios de RMN lumbar realizados por otras causas en individuos dermatomas correspondientes a la raíz afectada del nervio ciático: ciatalgia.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dermatome anatomy. Certain skin problems tend to orient the lesions in the dermatomal direction.

Dermatome (anatomy)

The myotomas, on the other hand, are the ones that innervate the skeletal muscles of the same group of somites. For example, there are:. This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat It can also cause loss or reduction of dermatoomas sensory deermatomas.

In this way, the dermatomes pass longitudinally through the arms and legs. There are eight cervical nerves, twelve thoracic nerves, five lumbar and five sacral nerves.

Each of these nerves allows us to feel the temperature, the touch, the pressure, and even the pain.

Somatosensory system Neurology Skin anatomy. Each of these nerves relays sensation including pain from a particular region of skin dermatmoas the brain. A similar area innervated by peripheral nerves is called a peripheral nerve field. Following is a list of spinal nerves and points that are characteristically belonging to the dermatome of each nerve: Each dermatome is classified according to the spinal nerve that innervates it.

Archived from the original PDF on A dermatome also refers to the part of an embryonic somite. What are other people reading? The vertebral column has more than 30 distinct vertebrae that divide according to their location, starting from the neck to the coccyx.


Dermatomes are useful for establishing a diagnosis and treatment of different conditions. Have you ever wondered why back pain gives rise to tingling sensations in the legs? They are classified as cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. We have 29 dermatomes in the human body.

You can also check if it picks up the vibration along the vertebrae. In particular, they are controlled by sensory neurons that arise from a ganglion of the spinal nerve. Examples include somatic dysfunction of the spine or viral infection. We use cookies to provide our online service. The anterior and posterior nerve roots are combined on each side to form the spinal nerves as they exit the vertebral canal the bones of the spinal column, or spinal column.

The spine is divided into 31 segments, each with a pair right and left of the anterior and posterior nerve roots. The somites lhmbares structures formed at drematomas sides of the neural tube during the fourth week of human development.

The pain increases when we put ourselves in positions where the roots of the nerves are stretched. You will walk with a pin or a fork on both sides of the body until you reach the normal sensation.

DERMATOMAS by Nicole Abril on Prezi

There are specific dermatomes lumgares each of these spinal nerves, except the first cervical spinal nerve. The most common affected regions are L5 and S1, and less commonly C6 and C7.


The first is the map of Keegan and Garret of A dermatome is an area of skin supplied by sensory neurons that arise from a spinal nerve ganglion.

Viruses that lie dormant in nerve ganglia e. These cover the skin on the inside of the arm, chest, abdomen and the middle back. There are 30 dermatomes in the body. While the second is the Foerster map of These nerves are related to each other, since they originated from the same groups Somites Lumbafes embryonic development.

For other uses, see Dermatome disambiguation.

Dermatome (anatomy) – Wikipedia

Types The types of nerves in the anterior and posterior roots are different. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The rash of shingles is usually limited to a specific dermatome such as the chest, leg or arm.

The main ones are viral diseases, radiculopathy and spinal cord injuries. Therefore, each region that is innervated by each of these nerve roots is called the dermatome. However, it is important to mention that dermatomas have been discovered in recent years by clinical observations and are only a guide. When there are spinal cord injuries, the health care provider will look for the affected dermatome. Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows Commons category link is on Wikidata.