Types of weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Masonry. Types of Weirs. (a) Masonry weirs with vertical drop. (b) Rock-fill weirs with sloping aprons. (c) Concrete weirs with sloping glacis. Lecture structure on pervious foundation- Khosla’s theory-. Design of concrete sloping glacis weir. ❑Weir or barrage is constructed across a perennial river to raise.

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Registration Forgot your password? On the upstream side, the wall is extended. Sloping glacis if any. It consists of well with pipe or an RCC box at its bottom, carrying water from inlet well to a downstream well or a Cistern. Suitable up to 60 cumecs and 1. Sheet piles are provided below the cut-off walls. But then, this is dummy text. The object is three fold: The discharge is computed using the formula: Invert level of the cistern Length of the basin Level of end sill And other components.

Design — Trapezoidal Notch: In this case hydraulic jump does not form, in case high drowning ratio and sloplng falls. Normally, the gates are kept closed. The crest shutters are also provided which sloipng dropped down during the flood. Rivers are important source of fishes. Auth with social network: On the other hand, if the weir floor is designed continuous slopiny the divide piers as reinforced structure, such that the weight of concrete slab together with slopping weight of divide piers keep the structure safe against the uplift then the structure may be called as a non-gravity weir.



It consists of masonry breast wall which is provided with adjustable crest shutter. Down stream glacis 4. Such a head-works consists of:. The cut off walls are provided at the upstream and downstream end of the floor and at the toe of the weir.

Transition lengths on upstream and downstream. The works, which are constructed at the head of the canal, in order to divert the river water towards the. It consists of a number of piers which divide the total width of the canal into a number of spans which are known as bays. The shutters are dropped down during flood.

To bring the velocity with in the permissible velocities, falls or drops are introduced at suitable locations. Again some piers are constructed on the down stream side of the canal head to support the roadway. Momentum Principles in Open-Channel. These falls are Simpler, economical and popular. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Clear width of the Throat Btnormally down stream bed width.


TPs Particulars, taken up to hard strata or to a minimum depth of 2m below CBL or ground level which ever deeper with soil classification. The gates are sloing closed. Cut-off walls are provided at both ends. There is a limit for the velocity, so that the canal bed can neither be scoured nor silted up.

Tweet Share Share Share Share. In case the hydraulic jump occurs on the glacis the energy dseign will be incomplete and additional roughening devices such as friction blocks, end sill, deflectors etc. The suspended silt goes on depositing in front of the canal head regulator.


Uniform Flow at Known Q and y. Accordingly, it is difficult to figure out when to end it. Selection of Site for Diversion Head Works. Length and depth of cistern are more crucial in this case To provide cushion to destroy the energy of the drop by formation of hydraulic jump.

In a sloping glacis a reverse curve at the lower end to turn the hypercritical jet to horizontal to a horizontal before it impinges against the sub critical flow of the lower channel, thus creating an hydraulic jump.

Trapezoidal Notch falls Required Basic Data: Slping fall or drop: Now-a-days, the weir is constructed with reinforced cement concrete. A structure which is constructed at the head of the canal to regulate flow of water is known as canal.

The platform below the baffle wall up to the deflector wall is known as the cistern. The impervious floor and the. The cistern Roughness devices and the deflectors to deflect the high velocities.

The length of cistern be 5Ef2 slopjng 6Ef2 To produce reverse flow by providing suitable end wall to ensure an impact in the cistern. Share buttons are a little bit lower.