Precisely the same is true of the astral and mental planes. The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics.

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In thinking of the embodied inhabitants of the mental plane, the question naturally suggests itself whether either ordinary people during pllane, or psychically developed persons in a trance condition, can ever penetrate to this plane. That love must be low indeed into which no unselfish thought or impulse has entered; and on the other hand an affection which is [page 39] usually and chiefly quite pure and noble may yet sometimes be clouded by a spasm of jealous feeling or a passing thought of self.

On the contrary, such manifestations afford him an appreciable planr opportunity for development on the mental plane — an opportunity which is the direct result and reward under the operation of the law of divine justice of the actions or qualities which evoked such devschanic outpouring of affection. Affection for family or friends takes many a man into the heaven-life, and so also does religious devotion; yet it would be a mistake to suppose that all affection or all devotion must therefore necessarily find its post-mortem expression there, for of each of these qualities there are obviously devachanoc varieties, the selfish and the unselfish — though it might perhaps devachabic be argued that it is only the latter kind in each case which is really worthy of the name.

But love of plzne far nobler and grander type than anything to be seen on this level may of course be found upon the higher sub-planes.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. That at least is the effect produced on the devschanic of the ego, though there are circumstances which favour the supposition that absolute simultaneity is the attribute of a plsne higher plane, and that the sensation of it in the heaven-world is simply the result of a succession so rapid that the infinitesimally minute spaces of time are indistinguishable, just as in the well-known optical experiment of whirling round a stick the end of which is red-hot, the eye receives the impression of a continuous ring of fire if the stick be whirled more than ten times devachabic second; not because a continuous ring really exists, but because the average human eye is incapable of distinguishing as separate any similar impressions which follow one another at intervals of less than the tenth part of a second.

This was a very fine example of the calm continuity of life in the case of people of unselfish aims; for the only difference that death had made was to eliminate disease and suffering, and to render easy the work which had heretofore been impossible.

Theosophy : Devachanic Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

All that, which might have been his, is missing. English Choose a language for shopping. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Every soul must of course withdraw into its true self upon the higher levels before reincarnation ; but it does not at all follow that in that condition it will experience anything that we should call consciousness.

Amazon Inspire Devachanicc Educational Resources.

Not only is the matter which we must endeavour to describe much further removed than is astral [page 6] matter from that to which we are accustomed, but the consciousness of that plane is so immensely wider than anything we can imagine down here, and its very conditions so entirely different, that when called upon to translate it all into mere ordinary words the explorer feels himself utterly at a loss, and can only trust that the intuition of his readers will supplement the inevitable imperfections of his description.

In all the experiments on lower planes it was found that the elemental hovered about the person thought of, and awaited a favourable opportunity of expending his energy either upon his mind-body, his astral, or even his physical body; here the result is a kind of lightning-flash of the essence from the causal body of the thinker direct to the causal body of the object of his thought ; so that while the thought on those lower divisions is always directed to the mere personality, here we influence the reincarnating ego, the real man himself, and if our message has any reference to the personality it will reach it only from above, through the instrumentality of his causal vehicle.


The Christian on this plane, for example, instead of merely adoring his Saviour, would think of himself as going out into the world to work for him. If it be asked what is the real difference between the matter of the various sub-planes of the mental plane, it is not easy to answer in other than very general terms, for the unfortunate scribe bankrupts himself of adjectives in an unsuccessful endeavour to describe the lowest plane, and then has nothing left to say about the others.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. But the devotional thought of an unselfish heart is very lovely in colour, like the deep blue of a summer sky. We cannot but marvel at the hopeless inadequacy of all the worldly man’s ideas of happiness; indeed, we cannot avoid seeing that most of them are absurdly inverted and impossible of realization, and that for the most part he has actually turned his back upon the very goal which he is seeking.

To take one only out of many possible examples of our difficulties, it would seem as though on this mental plane space and time were non-existent, for events which down here take place in succession and at widely-separated places, appear there to be occurring simultaneously and at the same point.

It says how it may also be accessed in elevated prayer or meditation by a few more advanced people who are still incarnating physically. The instruction which is being given to him under these conditions will undoubtedly have a very great effect upon him, and will largely modify not only the heaven-life which lies before him but also his next incarnation upon earth.

Very magnificent objects are these Adepts and initiates to the vision which has learnt to see them — splendid globes of planf and colour, driving away all evil influence wherever they go, acting upon all who come near them as the sunshine acts upon the flowers, and shedding around them a feeling of restfulness and happiness of which even those who do not see them are often conscious.

There is devachanix doubt, however, that such an experience as this, whether remembered in the physical body or not, would act as a distinct impulse to the spiritual evolution of the ego concerned. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

: The Devachanic Plane (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books

Two factors have to be taken into account in our consideration of this subject — the degree of development of each of the persons concerned. Only the atomic matter of each of these planes, and even that only in an entirely free condition, is co-extensive with the plans ether, and consequently a person can no more pass from planet to pkane even of our own chain in his astral body or his mind-body, than he can in his physical body.

She had no money to give when sickness brought need even more dire than usual to some of her neighbours, yet on such an occasion she was always at hand as often as she could snatch a few moments from her work, offering with ready sympathy such service as was within her power. It should be understood that none of the three lower planes of the solar system is co-extensive with it except as regards a particular condition of the highest or atomic subdivision of each.

It is hoped, therefore, that this account, though it cannot be considered as complete, may yet be found reliable as far as it goes. But even while he forgot it he could be visible on the [page 33] mental plane only to men functioning consciously on that plane — never by any possibility to those who are enjoying the heavenly rest in this region after death, since each of them is so entirely secluded within the world of his own thought that nothing outside of that can affect him, and he is consequently absolutely safe.

His affection for these relatives was very deep, yet his thoughts were more occupied in adoration of the Christ, though his conception of his deity was so material that he imaged him as constantly changing kaleidoscopically backwards and forwards between the form of a man and that of the lamb bearing the flag which we often see represented in church window. To get a look through his spiritual sight is an extraordinary event. Such affection as this has in it no seed of the mental development; the forces which it sets in motion will never rise above the astral plane.

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This expanding sphere of vibrations was many coloured and opalescent, but its colours also grew gradually fainter and fainter as it spread away. There are evidently various methods by which this [page 40] important step in the early development of the soul may be brought about, but it will be sufficient for our present purpose if we take as an illustration of one of them a somewhat pathetic little story from real life which came under the observation of our students when they were investigating this question.

Madame Blavatsky has stated in The Key to Theosophy that in some cases a materialist has no conscious life in the heaven-world, since he did not while on earth believe in such a postmortem condition. Devachan compound word; Sanskrit ‘deva’, gods, and the Tibetan word ‘chan’ Wylie: There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

The Devachanic Plane

Each physical globe has its physical plane including its atmosphereits astral plane, and its mental plane, all interpenetrating one another, and therefore occupying the same position in space, but all quite apart from and not communicating with the corresponding planes of any other globe. As exemplifying the possibility of entering the mental plane during sleep, an incident may devachankc mentioned which occurred in connection with the experiments made by the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society on dream consciousness, an account of some of which was given in my little book on Dreams.

Not only can he review at his leisure all history with which we are acquainted, correcting as he examines it the many errors and misconceptions which have crept into the accounts handed down to us; he can also range at will over the whole story of the world from its very beginning, watching the slow development of intellect in man, the descent of the Lords of the Flame, and the growth of devahcanic mighty civilizations which they founded.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The love which she thus ceaselessly poured out upon these mental images was really acting as a beneficent force showered down upon the grown-up men in this physical world, but it did not affect them both to the same extent— not that her love was stronger for one than the other, but because there was a great difference, in the vitality of the images themselves.

That conception, however, presents no difficulty to anyone who understands the relation of the different planes plsne one another; it is just as easy for him to manifest himself in several of these celestial images at once, as it is for us to be simultaneously conscious of the pressure of several different articles against different parts of our body.

Under these circumstances the experiment was tried of sending an affectionate and helpful thought plwne an absent friend in a far-distant country.

The exact condition of mind of the human inhabitants of these various sub-planes will naturally be much more fully dealt with under its own appropriate heading; but a comprehension of the manner in which thought acts in the lower and higher levels respectively, is so necessary to an accurate understanding of these great divisions that it will perhaps be worth while to recount in detail some of the experiments made by our explorers in the endeavour to throw light upon this subject.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? It will thus be seen that in this higher world anyone who wishes to devote himself for a time to quiet thought, and to abstract himself from his surroundings, may actually live in a world of his own without possibility of interruption, and [page 16] with the additional advantage of seeing all his ideas and their consequences, fully worked out passing in a sort of panorama before his eyes. As the soul grows these images become fuller expressions of him, till when he gains the level of a Master he consciously employs them as a means dwvachanic helping and instructing his pupils.