Book of Names has ratings and 43 reviews. Amanda said: I absolutely loved this series when I was a kid, so when I recently rediscovered this book at. Diadem. HI Diadem fans! The big news for all of you is that book 11, “Book of Time” and book 12, “Book of Games” are now available from Amazon. Meanwhile . The Diadem Worlds of Magic book series by John Peel includes books Book of Names, Book of Signs, Book of Magic, and several more. See the complete.

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When did you know you wanted to be an author How would you describe your childhood? I really hope you give these books a shot.

Can they find Pixel’s parents, liberate the enslaved Drones, and win the battle against the evil force that not only controls Calomir, but also intends to conquer the entire Diadem? Book 11 reveals each of the 3 as they are beginning their political ascension, byut riadem that point, they are already selfish, cruel adults.

He influenced my crazy sense of humor. So he set about his plans.

Score, Helaine, and Pixel continue their magical journey in “Book of Signs, ” the second volume in the series. The series is intended for young readers, but fans of fantasy and adventure will like this read. I didn’t think the writing was all that good, either.


Book of Signs (Diadem, Worlds of Magic, #2) by John Peel

Johm rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Anyone who likes adventure, magic, and the like. There were some parts that I did like but overall it was just okay and nothing more. I think they grasped concepts too quickly as well but still I really enjoyed this. I found the whole idea to be intriguing, and the story itself to be written well for its intended audience.

Book of Names

Refresh and try again. Apr 10, Andrew Cornelius rated it it was amazing. It’s battle after battle as time is running out. The story is a hohn simplistic at times, but granted, this series is aimed at younger readers in the range.

Jagomath makes it so she’s years after her own time Cathane lived in Shakespeare’s day.

The three are still learning to work together and how to use their magic powers, including the use of gemstones to augment their abilities. In the early s he was commissioned by Target Books to write novelisations of several key Terry Nation Dalek stories of the s after the diadfm were finally worked out.

He has problems associated with being a hopeless romantic. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I didn’t enjoy it as much but it’s still a good middle-grade fantastical adventure story for a younger audience: I remember being intrigued by the world that was set up in the books. But the wizard Jagomath finds one of the pieces of the shattered Zarathan; it augments his powers. Young adult fantasy novel from the 90s about three teens who can travel through dimensions with a black horse or unicorn on the front cover of the book [s].

This book just throws adventure after adventure at these three, and had it not been for the very end, I would have given psel a three. It lacked a level of substance that I prel in my reading material.

Book of Signs

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At times she can be very bossy, arrogant, and uppity. Kilacunae rated it really liked it Aug 31, John Peel is the author of Doctor Who books and comic strips. So she disguised herself as a boy with the alias “Renald. Fun little YA series. Martin Paperback, Is there additional information you would like me to have under my “John Peel Biography” page?