One Liter of Tears – A Young Girl’s Fight for Life (Aya’s Diary). Tankobon Softcover. $ 1 Liter of Tears – Aya’s Diary of the Girls Continue the Fight Against. Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary木 藤 亜 也 (Aya Kito)(July – May 23, ) went into eternal sleep at the age of 26, surrounded by flower. 12 quotes from Aya Kito: ‘I want to be like the air. Aya Kito quotes Showing of “I want to be like the air. tags: 1-litre-of-tears, a-diary-of-tears · 51 likes.

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I rang Koseikai Hospital at my last hope and had an interview with the general manager. I, when it comes to you, I like you, maybe. My speech disorder’s getting worse, so I asked Mom to buy a magic blackboard. But the more I try to hurry, the stiffer my body gets, and I fall over. So, the things I’ve secretly been worried about have been conveyed to a doctor.

But my husband and I had off problems: Her cheeks had been much fuller then, and I had been able to understand what she said much better. I was happy to see everyone looking well.

Some I managed ciary answer however some was accidentally deleted which Ddiary felt so bad after that cause I was also wanted to what u guys wrote to me. If some stranger asked me, “Which school do you go to? Eiary had begun feeling that it was about time to tell her properly about her disease. After studying about diseases in a general way, the students are divided into small groups of six or seven.


I’m becoming more and more weepy. The cause of the disease is still unknown, so we are groping in the dark regarding proper treatment. He can only use one hand, so he passed his purse to the woman at the shop and asked her to talk yen from ot. But I realized that what I said had less effect than the kitoj Aya looked as she pushed herself as hard as she could in her wheelchair.

Jun’s mother gives an impression very similar to Mom’s. It would easily be solved if I stopped working and looked after her. Aya is a great friend, daughter, sister and inspiration.

Worried it might fall in, I peered over at it. But it shows the affection everyone had for her. It’s not good to start relying on a wheel chair.

It’s been a long time. She got interested in handicrafts and the origami that the other patients in her ward were teaching each other.

All around us: Aya Kito and Her Diary ( english )

How do you explain about the disease to patients? Now I feel like an old woman. They look so painful. Yamamoto, Little Aya is working so hard. I shouldn’t shrink from it.


“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

She spent several days looking very depressed. Yamamoto told me, “and it could get worse. Secondly, my pregnancy there were some problems during the past week that lead me to some depression but not too worry as I have pulled myself together.

kiou The movement of my tongue’s bad, so the food overflows my mouth. It is not difficult for medical specialists to diagnose the disease. I was told that they’re making an kituo to produce it, so all I can do is give up and wait. The next thing I knew, I was in bed. A middle-aged woman called me. So take care of the towels and disposal boxes in the toilet! I can imagine how grateful she was, but also how frustrated she must have felt about her disabled body.

I can’t go out because it’s cold outside.