“It is good to have this fascinating little chronicle, which gives a lively firsthand account of Florentine history in the lifetime of Dante and Giotto, in a readable and . Dino Campagni’s classic chronicle gives a detailed account of a crucial period in the history of Florence, beginning about and ending in the first decade of. 2. CHRONICLE OF DINO COMPAGNI from God, who rules and governs throughout all ages. i. I.e. the division of the Guelf party in Florence into the Whites and.

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After the return of the Guelfs to Florence in the lordship of the diino was conferred on Charles I. The Aretines summoned many noble and power- ful Ghibellines from Romagna, from the March [of Ancona]] and from Orvieto ; they displayed great boldness in desiring battle, and prepared florennce defend their city and to seize the most advantageous posi- tions on the enemy’s line of march.

And the Priors added one to their number, to hold equal authority with the rest, whom they called Gon- falonier of Justice he was Baldo RufFoli, for the Sesto of Porta di Duomo 3? He maligned Pacino Peruzzi, a man of good fame.

He menaced the Magistrates and their officers, and with the support of a large number of armed men put himself forward to do evil 9. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But when her kinsmen would not consent to this, because they were expecting the inheritance, the florennce mother, seeing he was a very handsome man, con- cluded the match, contrary to the wishes of the rest.

Dino Compagni’s chronicle of Florence | Sharon Strocchia –

But this distinction had but little bearing on practical politics. Scene in the monastery of Ognissanti January The “counts” stand for the feudal nobles, who held their fiefs immediately of the Empire ; the ” captains,” for the vassals of the “counts.


Proceedings were taken against him by his guild 8 because he fearlessly carried on his evil practices. The Magnates of Florence included the remains of the Ghibelline party there. By the revised Ordinances of see I.

Dino Compagni’s Chronicle of Florence

The chronicle is the product of that reflection, begun nearly ten years after the fact. He was born in What victory will ye have? Corso from getting the inheritance.

Chroniccle as did Sulla in the city of Rome, whose wicked practices, wrought during ten years, were all avenged by Marius in a few days 2. Finally, Dino returns to the closing months of You really get a sense of just how many people were involved in Medieval politics due to the structure of government that purposefully changed power every few months to avoid any one family taking over.

During the long struggle of the Emperor Frederick II. Peace was not made between the Floren- tines and the Aretines ; but the Florentines kept the fortresses they had taken, namely, Castiglione, Laterina, Civitella, Rondine.

Dino Compagni’s Chronicle of Florence | Daniel E. Bornstein

The Ghibellines were nominally the supporters of the Emperor, as protector of the feudal nobility. Guglielmo de’ Pazzi, a bold knight, Buonconte 7and Loccio of Montefeltri, and other brave men. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

During that time Florence was one of the largest cities in Europe and a center of commerce and culture. Because he had been a prior, his property was not forfeit; he was not sent into exile as other members of the White faction. Simone accused each other of the murder, so as to escape the penalty.

Essentially, this is pages of people betraying each other and destroying their city; Florentines seem to live for war and discord Dino admits and denounces this many, many times. Corso Donati, having been placed under bounds at Massa Trebara 1broke them, and betook him- self to Rome 2being disobedient ; for which cause he was condemned in person and property. They refuse to give me what they bar- gained ; therefore I and my companions will join with you in putting flogence to death as enemies.


These obeyed, and went to their appointed residence 7. Dino insinuates that it was a shameful thing for mem- bers of such well-known Guelf families as the Cerchi and Marignolli to be coquetting with the Ghibellines.

The question is very intricate, and the reader is referred for a full and able discussion of it to Zenatti’s work, Dante e Firenze Florence, Sansonipp. Under the modification of the Ordinances already referred to I. The third book describes the fruitless attempts of the new Pope, Benedict XL, to make peace between the two parties, the last struggles and ultimate dispersion of the White exiles 1the attempt of Corso Donati and the Magnates to wrest the government dink of the hands of the Popolani, the election to the imperial throne of Henry of Luxemburg, and his progress through Italy down to his coronation at Rome June 29, 2 ; florencs with a solemn denunciation of the punishment which as the historian believed and confidently hoped Henry would inflict on the wicked citizens of Florence, for their rebellion against his supreme authority.

Ubertino dello Strozza, and M.

If a friend or kinsman of theirs incurred a penaltv, they connived with the magistrates 1 and officials to hide his guilt, so that he might go unpunished.