So, after the past week or so I have been searching for a good 2D game programming book / tutorial in Direct2D. Why D2D, you ask, and not. Hello, so I read a lot of marketing blabla that Direct2D is a great api for 2D Does anyone knows a Direct2D tutorial that shows how to use it. Further material is available on Pluralsight where Kenny Kerr has a series of tutorials on Direct2D fundamentals. It’s the best coverage of.

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I was always confused by COM technology but his course dispels a lot of the mystery and complexity.

OnResize method so that it resizes the render target to the new size of the window. Obviously the big fuss about making games nowadays is all about creating vast 3D worlds, but if we are honest with ourselves, it is clear that we will not create the next big AAA-title on our own. What It Takes 2. Windows 8 doesn’t do it justice because of it’s “metro” UI. Use the render target’s DrawRectangle method to paint the outline of the second sirect2d with the cornflower blue brush.


Recall that, in step 4 of Part 3, you added an if statement to prevent the method from doing any work if the render target already exists.

You can find d2d1. To draw a rectangle, we use the DrawRectangle method: Wait for the next section!

Sep 26, at 6: To draw an ellipse, we have to define its center coordinate, as well as the x and y-radia before calling the FillEllipse or DrawEllipse methods:. I didn’t mean to hijack this thread.

Programming Direct2D – Part 1

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Like for the 2D Dx. The Direct2DHandler declaration goes like below and it exposes the following functions. Sep 26, at 8: Thanks for your feedback.

Good Direct2D tutorial out there? – C++ Forum

Inside the if statement you just created, initiate drawing by calling the render target’s BeginDraw method. Be aware that Pluralsight is a fee-based website but well worth the subscription.

Scrolling and Parallax Backgrounds. People just use Windows Forms and.

It’s the best coverage of Direct2D I’ve seen so far. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I have that charles kelly book. Member 2-Oct 6: Disable the default OnErasBkgrnd function because it may cause flickering while drawing. She still can’t read tuttorial map, though.


I appreciate that, novellof, but its fine that tutorixl asked for a Win32 reference. Improvements have been made to scene objects, user interface objects and object groups, experimental support for skinning has been added, as well as support for XInput-compatible gamepads.

I call this class, Direct2DHandler.

Direct2D tutorial – Graphics and GPU Programming –

My vote of 1 ausairman Sep 0: I’m a software developer with very limited work capacity due to having the debilitating illness M. My vote of 4 Sarath C 2-Aug 2: My vote of 5 Sarath C 5-Nov An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host – UDP Issue. Initialize an instance of the DemoApp class and begin its message loop. You actually don’t need to know a lot from the start, perhaps just COM interfaces concept with reference counting, instantiation and implementing an interface.