SKF VKG 1 grease is a premium quality mineral oil based lithium complex grease . The result of decades of SKF Find a distributor. Select location *, Albania. VS Channel-type distributor. VKH Specific liquid load (m /m h): 2 3 20 Channel-type distributor VKG1) VKR1). VKH/VEH Specific liquid load (m3/m2h) 20 Channel-type distributor VKG1) VKR1) Splash-plate distributor. VS

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For moderate liquid loads applications, where liquid mixing is important, a separate accumulator tray must collect the liquid and feed ditributkr to a liquid distributor located below it.

This non-welded collector SLT is often used in applications where space between packed beds is critical. Ditribugor to years of experience and continuous development at Sulzer Chemtech, we are always in a position to offer you both standard ditrobutor inlet systems and specialty tailored solutions based on CFD studies. The choice of drip-point density way your distributor will be con-fi- must be made in accordance with gured to match your application the specific surface area of the pa- and achieve optimal hydraulic con- cking used.

This fea-ture makes the distributor VKR lesssusceptible to plugging. The distributor is a cost efficient solution for applications where somewhat increased liquid maldis-tribution can be tolerated. Stilling Vk1 Recommendations White Paper June 24, Stilling Well Recommendations This document describes general requirements for stilling wells used for radar tank gauging applications.

These support grids rest on support rings or gussets welded to the column shell.


Our decades of experience and well-founded expertise make your distributor selection decisions easy. The pressure drop of this collector is negligible.


Packed towers and tower packings have been in use for more than years. The feed liquid is pre-distributed at a precisely controlled rate from a main channel mounted above into the individual arm channels Splash-plate distributor VEPW For low liquid flow rates, the special splash-plate distributor VEPW is used to accommodate liquid loads as low as 0. Packed Tower Internals Packed Tower Internals Packed Tower Internals Guide Koch-Glitsch s dedication to provide state-of-the-art mass transfer equipment is demonstrated in a complete line of packed tower internals, developed More information.

Anti-plugging, due to large holesand the lateral discharge of liquid. Its special design, specific for continuous and dispersed phase, prevents emulsions from occurring, even when difributor tensions are low. The liquid is fed into a large center channel, then distributed through holes in the individual channel bottom onto the packing. The activity program comprises: Its patented discharge system has several advantages: The information contained in this publication is believed to be accurate and reliable, but is not to be construed as implying any warranty or guarantee of ditribugor.

It is highly toxic More information. Certain high performance packings require additional drip plates. Depending upon the service application the design, construction, inspection. The OEM’s manual should be adhered to in order to protect. Vk1g are designed with drip platesto prevent premature flooding fitributor thepacking.

Internals – Sulzer Pages 1 – 20 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

SRUs remove sulfur compounds from certain More information. The multiple-stage version is able to handle broad liquid loading ranges, up to Anti-plugging, due to large holes and the lateral discharge of liquid. Vaporizers – Types and Usage 5. The range of liquid loa-ding must be carefully consideredwhen designing a distributor VKR.


The activity program comprises: If your column is a welded vessel, then you must know the inside diameter of the manhole. Start display at page:.

Internals – Sulzer Published by Guset User The distributor, depending on its design features, More information. At Sulzer Chemtech, decades of design, construction and manufacturing experience are combined with on-going development and state-of-the-art production methods to guarantee you products of the highest possible quality. Prior to beginning engineering of your column and internals, Sulzer Chemtech will verify with you the overall column height, and the manhole inside diameter Flanged columns Packings and internals are installed through the column flange.

This collector requires a ring channel welded to the column wall. A substance will boil only when the vapor pressure. For very difficult applications, Sulzer Chemtech can provide customdesigned distributors that will fit your specific requirements. Averaging Pitot Tube Meters Introduction.

Sulzer Chemtech. Internals for packed columns

It is one piece distributor with integral channels attached, suitable for installation through a removable head of a vessel. Today, the equipment is more sophisticated. Prior to beginning engineering ofyour column and internals, SulzerChemtech will verify with you theoverall column height, and the man-hole inside diameter. This is an excellent nonplugging distributor. Hexane boils More information. A substance will boil only when the vapor pressure More information.

For finer packings, additional drip plates are used.