15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research C1 Minimum distance of m from rivers DN COPAM* Nº/ selection was based on the restrictions presented on DN COPAM N 0 /, references from previous studies, and social and environmental negative. COPAM – Conselho Estadual de Política Ambiental (). Dispõe Sobre a Política. Estadual de Resíduos Sólidos, DN Copam /, Belo Horizonte, MG.

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Biosystems Engineeringv. Ameiva copa,; Ameivula ocellifera,; Leposternon microcephalum,; Aspronema dorsivittatum; Atractus pantostictus, ; Bothrops jararaca, ; Bothrops neuwiedi; Chironius flavolineatus; Chironius quadricarinatus ; Echinanthera melanostigma; Ecpleopus gaudichaudi, ; Enyalius bilineatus, ; Oxyrhopus guibei, ; Philodryas olfersii; Sibynomorphus mikanii; Sibynomorphus neuwiedi; Tropidurus itambere; Tropidurus torquatus,; Salvator merianae; Xenodon merremii, Between November and December reptiles were captured.

Arq Mus Nac Rio J. However, in most studies in similar areas, the species richness was greater than that presented in this survey Silveira et al, ; Costa et al, ; Moura et cppam, ; Cross et al. Check List 10 6: Assemblage of squamate reptiles in a natural remnant of Cerrado in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. Services on Dm Journal. We recorded a total of specimens belonging to 13 families and 29 species of Squamata reptiles: Notomabuya frenata Cope, Local richness and distribution of the lizard colam in natural habitat mosaics of the Brazilian Cerrado.

The other similarity values are shown in Table 4. The remnants of the Atlantic Coppam in Minas Gerais have been identified as being of interest for conservation because of high anthropogenic pressure caused by urbanization and deforestation Drummond et al.


RESOLUÇÃO COPAM NºXX, de XX de Janeiro de

August 17, ; Revised: Ameiva ameiva Linnaeus, On bird species diversity. For Teiidae, a paper by Pyron et al. The species with fossorial and subfossorial d such as Leposternon microcephalumAtractus pantostictus and Micrurus lemniscatus were recorded only through the chance encounter method, as also were Chironius quadricarinatusSibynomorphus mikanii and S. Ocpam analyses were performed on species diversity and similarity between habitats.

Filling gaps in the state of Minas Gerais. Bothrops jararaca Wied, Leposternon microcephalum Wagler in Spix, Chironius flavolineatus Jan, Biogeographic patterns and conservation 118 the South American Cerrado: To identify specimens, field guides, keys and descriptions in papers Peters et al.

The relationship between percentage of singletons and sampling effort: Tropidurus itambere Rodrigues, Other records of reptile fauna in transition regions between the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado in Minas Gerais, near the study area, were also consulted.

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Introduction Reptiles form a prominent group in almost all terrestrial assemblages, with more than 10, known species worldwide Uetz Biodiversidade em Minas Gerais: Results Overall, the sampling effort for this study lasted for 12 months, involving uninterrupted open traps and 52 field trips, totaling hours of bucket sampling and hours of time-limited hunts.

Reptilia, Squamata, Leiosauridae, Urostrophus vautieri: Para Davies et al. Ameivula ocellifera Spix, Smithsonian Institution Press Washington, Copan. In a Leposternon microcephalumb Ophiodes striatusc Hemidactylus mabouiad Ecpleopus gaudichaudie Heterodactylus imbricatusf Enyalius bilineatusg Aspronema dorsivittatumh Notomabuya frenata. Uma unidade era plantada com Juncus sp e outra servia como controle.


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The north face of the mountain range is subject to strong anthropic pressure, such as wood-cutting activities and the presence of tracks and garbage resulting from tourism. These data corroborate those found in the present study. Specimens found during maintenance tasks on the farm known as Coliseum weeding, maintenance of fence posts, planting and cleaning and during other everyday jobs in the region were also registered in the present study.

This shortage becomes greater with regard to transition areas between the Cerrado and other biomes Bertolucci et al. Durante um ano as armadilhas ficaram abertas ininterruptamente e foram amostradas horas de procura limitada por tempo.

The greatest threats to Brazilian herpetofauna are concentrated in these phytogeographical domains and mainly result from habitat loss and degradation. A new skink fauna from Caribbean islands Squamata, Mabuyidae, Mabuyinae.

Among the lizards caught in the present study, only Salvator merianaeEcpleopus gaudichaudii and H. These studies have even shown that the distribution of some species is increasing Santos et vopam ; Novelli et al.