The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Martha to Balmoral in Here they meet Captain Harry Carruthers – friend of the new king, Edward VII. Together they. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Terrance Dicks was born in East Ham, London, in After graduating from Cambridge, he began work in the advertising. DOCTOR WHO:REVENGE OF JUD(QK RD) [Terrance Dicks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book.

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I liked it when the Doctor came face to face with the Judoon Captain. I would recommend this book to any Whovian. I loved the Peacemakers because they can change shape and they bring excitement to the story. Jul 29, Cara Noyes rated it really liked it Shelves: You got to see another side of the Judoon, as they think of themselves as an honourable race.

While this is a harmless and fun little story, it does suffer from a few problems.

This was more a short story than a novel and the title is a bit misleading. Read more of my reviews here https: With help from Arthur Conan Doyle, the Doctor and his friends discover a plot to take over the world.

They have no jurisdiction on Earth and no authority to deal with human crime when hunting a fugitive alien in an Earth hospital, they transported the building to the Moon ; they will, however, strictly obey any laws on the planet they are on e. The Dialogue was exactly how I imagined David and Freema to deliver it if it was a story onscreen. Producers Script editors Writers.


I always like the 10th Doctor and Martha and this story definitely seemed to get their voices right. It was through his work on Doctor Who books that he became a writer of children’s fiction, penning many successful titles during the s and 80s. This article has multiple issues.

Dicks’ decades of skill and talent that this It’s a book that actually struggles against its Quick Reads format for one simple reason: Sep 21, Jamie rated it did not like it.

While Martha and Carruthers seek answers in London, the Doctor finds himself in what should be the most deserted place on Earth – and he is not alone.

Quick Reads 3 by Terrance Dicks. Marks out of ten? With time running out, who will fall victim to the revenge of the Judoon? Although, overall, it’s not such a bad story. Development History Canada and the U. The title is a bit of a misnomer because the Judoon are secondary characters at best.

Judoon – Wikipedia

Looking for beautiful books? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The plot is neat and tight but not obvious at all. Which do you remember? revebge

nudoon InDicks also began a series of six children’s horror novels with “Cry Vampire”. He has written over fifty Doctor Who novels and has also been a prolific author of books for children.

Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon

In particular, the Daleks are owned by the estate of Terry Nation. They had quite a few appearances during the Tennant era.

In Revenge of the Slitheenfrom the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventuresthey were mentioned by the Slitheenwho said that the Intergalactic Police were after them.


It was really interesting – I would recommend it to anyone. Fandom Whoniverse Popular culture Merchandise Awards and nominations. I enjoyed the tale of two of my favorite Dr. The Doctor realises it is the work of the Judoon – a race of ruthless intergalactic mercenary space police. The Judoon, as shown in The Stolen Earth. Dec 29, Taksya rated it liked it Shelves: There is also an About Us page, if you really want to read one.

I want to buy it and read it again! It’s a QuickReads so there isn’t a lot of depth or description, basically a bare bones story but it worked nicely.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. After graduating from Cambridge, he began work in the advertising industry before moving over to television as a writer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Having seen Dicks in so many special features on classic Who DVDs, it was difficult at first not to imagine his voice narrating: Dicks did pretty well with the shorter format back when he was writing all those Target novelizations, and pleased me with his Quick Reads Cyberman story, Made of Steel.

Combat Magicks Steve Cole.

The Goliath series is Dicks’ largest amounting to eighteen books.

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