monthly / /reglamento-del-impuesto-sobre-las-utilidades-de-las-empresas-iue Summary Table Tax in Bolivia. NAME OF THE. TAX deducted the IVA. • Bolivian source profits remitted . (Art. 42 D. S. ) • Form. remittance by . The tax system determines the concept and classification of taxes in Bolivia. Tributes are the obligations in . the country (Art. 43 D. S. ). • Payslip

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If pathogenic germs are released as a result of this activity the punishment will be increased by half. In all cases considered for prosecution, the Customs Committee is bound to act in accordance with the Customs Code.

Regulates the imports of materials under quarantine in the Cuban Republic. Stipulates the organisational management, case diagnostics and dissemination od epidemiological information, response and disposal, guarentee measures.

Punishes whomever disperses non-treated residual waters, chemical or biochemical liquids, objects or waste of any kind in the riverbeds, riverbanks, water-bearings, basins, rivers, lakes, lagoons, ponds, bolivja can contaminate or degrade the waters that exceed the boliia established by the regulations, with imprisonment from one to 4 years and with a fine of percent of the cost.

Biological Weapons Act, Article 1 h pertains to the prohibition on the manufacture, possession and use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, as well as the introduction into the canton of nuclear and toxic wastes.

Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Bolivia

Decision on classification of products as forms of import and export, Marketing shall include acquisition as well as sale, import or export. Establishes a governmental administration body to supervise observance of the prohibition against biological and toxin weapons, establishes a system of record-keeping, outlines licensing requirements for handling highly hazardous agents and toxins, defines government control and supervision over handling, defines the authority of inspectors and creates a legal framework for international inspections and establishes penalties and other sanctions for violation of the Act.

Includes exceptions from licensing and inclusions of technoligies. Makes it unlawful for Australians to develop, produce stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain microbial or other biological agents or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes; or weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.

The Customs and Excise Law No. The transportation and disposal of toxic and radioactive waste is sentenced up to 5 years in prison. Makes it an offence to be in or near a prohibited place including defence works and places declared by the Governor in Council GiC to be prohibited places, on the basis that information about or damage to them would be useful to a foreign powerat the direction of, for the benefit of or in association with a foreign entity or terrorist group, for a Apurpose prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State which includes, contrary to an international instrument to which Canada is a party, developing or using anything with the capacity to cause death or serious bodily injury to a significant number of people by means of toxic chemicals or precursors, biological agents or toxins, radiation or radioactivity or doing or omitting to do anything in preparation for such an.


Provides the Minister of Industry and Commerce with the authority to prohibit the exportation, re-exportation or transit of goods with any destination, as prescribed by the Order, where the restriction and regulation of specific goods is deemed necessary.

Prohibiting the use of weapons and explosives. Stipulates the responsibilities of the organizations that examine, approve and inspect laboratories; the qualification, submitted materials, procedure and requirements for P3 and P4 biosafety to apply the Qualification Certificate of Highly Pathogenic Microorganisms Laboratory; the procedure, requirement inspection management and responsibilirt of the laboratory activities of the highly pathogenic microorganism.

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Deals with the manufacturing, trading bolibia carrying of weapons. Section 7 establishes that every Minister accountable to rs Parliament of Canadefor the administration or affairs of a government institution is responsible for inter alia, identifying the civil emergency contingencies that are within or related to the Minister’s area of accountability and developing a civil emergency plan therefore. Provides powers additional to those of the Quarantine Act in order to regulate the release of biological agents for the control of pests, diseases and weeds.

Department of Health Act c. Defines the security regulations applicable to activities involving hazardous substances and chemicals. Algeria also undertakes not to transfer to any recipient whatsoever and not in any way to assist, encourage or induce any State or other 244051 to manufacture or acquire the above-mentioned agents or toxins. Establishes detailed requirements for the criterion design of constructing laboratories of BL2 and above. The guidelines are a non-statutory, non-proliferation measure, developed by the Department of Foreign Affaris and Trade, to raise the awarness da industry and researchers about the risks of inadvertent involvment in the biological weapons programs of other countries.

Contributes to safeguarding of nature and the environment in Denmarkthus ensuring a sustainable social development in respect of human conditions of life and for the protection of flora and fauna.

Determines that besides controlling and monitoring activities and projects related to GMOs, it is incumbent upon the National Technical Bio-safety Commission to establish the bio-safety level to be applied to the GMOs and their uses, as well as the safety measures and procedures for their use, according to standards established by Law.

Possession of more than one of any such weapons or munitions, even if disassembled, shall be considered as stockpiling of chemical or da weapons; holding of any weapon or munition, even if disassembled, shall be considered as possession.


Regulates the legal regime for ecological, biological or organic production. The decision authorizes 2405 closure of facilities and the confiscation of materials, and its scope includes trade at the federal level. A list of biological material denounced by the Australia Group is utilized by this Bplivia Commission. Plant Protection Act c. Contains instructions for conducting exports of goods boliviia services directly related to missiles, and establishes a list of goods and services directly related to missiles that are subject to control.

BWC National Implementation Database

Third Ammendment to the Criminal Code. Section 3 prohibits the manufacture, sale or import into Canada in contravention of the regulations any feed that may adversely affect animal or human health.

Contains the list of highly hazardous biological agents and toxins and outlines the professional qualifications required to handle these agents. Therapeutic Goods Regulations, On unlawful carrying, keeping, acquisition, manufacture or sale of weapons or explosive substances. It also has strong compliance provisions covering external auditing including 224051 and safety aspects and punitive measures in the case of breaches.

An accomplice is an individual who is not the perpetrator of a crime but who knowingly cooperates in the execution of the criminal act by prior or simultaneous actions. The State controls the export of missiles and missile-related items and technologies so as to prevent the proliferation of missiles and other delivering systems listed in the Control List attached to these Regulationsand shall practice a licensing system for the export of missiles and missile-related items and technologies.

Decision of the Council of Ministers. The Act also provides for a registration scheme addressing physical, personnel and transport security concerns, and includes a security audit and inspection process.

Law of 3 January Enables the Attorney General to provide assistance to other countries in connection with investigations, inquiries and proceedings in criminal matters. Determines general principles applied to the security of biological materials.

Article on the illicit managing of harmful micro-organisms. Human Pathogen Import Regulations Act, Determines technical and administrative biosafety requirements and procedures for facilities where biological agents are used. These norms aim also at ensuring the quality of medicine and to prevent the release of infectious agents into the atmosphere. Work must generally be planned in such a way that no hazards occur.

Hazardous Products Act, c.

Regime on offences and penalties on the facilitation of transport of dangerous goods. Sets bolicia federal responsibilities in the area of emergency preparedness, including biosecurity. List of Weapons Act. On the protection from risks, related to the exposure to biological agents.