Durga Mandir is a Hindu temple which is of medieval age. Durga Temple is located in Aihole, Karnataka, India. This temple is part of the. This page provides information about Durga Temple. The ancient medieval era temple Durga Temple is located in Aihole in the state of Karnataka in India. Aihole is called the cradle of temples in Karnataka and rightfully so, and the Durga Temple of Aihole is a beautiful and interesting slice of it. The ancient.

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Nevertheless, there is a sense of spirituality in the air that is only possible because of the brilliant architecture by the Chalukyan artisans. Volvo buses are a popular mode of transport to reach the Durga Temple. On the pillars of the mukhamandapa are found passionate couples in various suggestive poses.

The Durga temple in Aihole is considered an architectural templee and the presence of numerous pillar reliefs indicate the brilliance of the Chalukyan era.

Top Places to Visit In Aihole. From here, the pillared room will lead you inside to the sanctum sanctorum of Garbha Aihle of the shrine.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Authorized guides are available here which provide information on the historical and cultural significance of this place. The temple has a base of six different moldings. Temole, this temple being non-Buddhist and yet having an apsidal posterior part is an mystery, which has not been explained satisfactorily by art historians. Been to Durga Temple? The temple formed part of a fortification probably of the Marathas.

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Sri Durga Temple is one of the famous temples of Ihol. The plan of the temple is oblong and apsidal.

It is a popular pilgrim and tourist center attracting scores of visitors from all four corners of the Globe. The Durga Temple, or the Fortress Temple as it is known, is the most impressive among the temples in Aihole. Durga Temple is related to the Chalukya period.

Durga Temple at Aihole. Hinduism is an ancient religion, and templ of the practices were prevalent in the ancient time as well which is proved by the apsidal architecture of the temple, probably created for the devotees to do their circumambulation of the sanctum.

This mighty temple has long been desolate and parts in ruins, and there is no deity commanding the abode of the sanctum sanctorum.

Architectural Charm of the Chalukyan Durga Temple in Aihole, Karnataka

Numerous images of Shiva and Vishnu can be found in the temple and it is a brilliant tribute to the religious and spiritual life of Karnataka. History of Durga Temple Like most of the temples of Aihole, the actual origin of the Durga Temple cannot be determined with absolute accuracy. Elsewhere on our websites. Aihole, for apparent reasons of tourism, is well connected with all the important cities around like Badami, Pattadakal and Belgaum.

Durga Temple Aihole | Archaelogical Survey of India – Timings, Photos

Reviewed 4 January What’s your side of the story? INR 15, Citizens of other countries: Bagalkot railway station at a distance of nearly Personal galleries What is this? Two staircases provide access to the porch at the entrance of the temple itself. MakCha New Delhi, India. Durga means the protector or the fort here.


All the pillars and parapet walls have detailed and intricate carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses, mythological creatures and events and other generic Hindi motifs of foliage. Hence it got the name Gajaprashtha – ‘Gaja’ means the elephant and ‘prastha’ means back. Ask lostroptrav about Durga Temple. Durga Temple was built by the descendants of Chalukya between 7th and 8th centuries. However, later it was determined that durrga apsidal design is indigenous to Durgs and was a pan-Indian tradition even before the extensive spread of Buddhism.

Built in an oblong apsidal shape, the corridors encompass the heart of the shrine. Own or manage this property? Second, there is a gallery that runs around the sanctum adorned with reliefs.

Get Amazing Deals On Packages. Even though the temple features a Durga aihol, the origin of the name is not because of its dedication to Durga auhole, but because Durga means protector or a fortress.

The nearest airports are at Belgaum about km away and Hubli, around km away. Email link to a friend Write a brief note to accompany the email Your friend’s email address: The temple exhibits southern Dravidian architectural type, with a later northern type superstructure imposed upon it.

The most important charm of this temple for which it is celebrated is the apsidal character of the posterior part of this architecture.