Ultimately, the Duskblade is not good at much else besides dealing damage, so this guide is mostly optimizing for more damage and some amount of utility. the-duskblade-handbook: A guide for the e Duskblade class. I was reading the Duskblade handbook, and I found some perplexing statements. Can you guys help me out? First, it cites this ridiculous post.

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Duskblade – D&D e Handbook Compendium

Switch to a reach weapon and start positioning yourself to affect as many enemies you can with your arcane channeling ability. You may want dusmblade 5 ranks for the synergy bonus.

Whip needs exotic weapon proficiency, but you can use it to attack anyone 15ft away from you. Ads by Project Wonderful! The other two are more up in the air but they one is looking at various rogue classes and the other is looking at some sort of melee class, with this gishy rounding out the team. Improves your normal familiar to something greater.

Low level is about disabling people, not dealing crappy damage, especially when its type is one of the most common. Lets you reduce arcane spellcasting failure.


To enchance the combat abilities of a duskblade, maneuvers and stances can provide nice benefits especialy when you can use them while channeling. If you don’t have a divine spellcaster to heal you, this can be useful especially when you fell to negative hit points.

This includes the likely-too-cheesy-to-actually-use Wraithstrike. You can dskblade more details in the Poison Spell feat entry above.

A Duskblade, because of their full arcane caster progression and full BAB, can take a Hippogriff familiar or any other Improved Familiar at level 7. The spell must have a casting time of 1 standard action or less.

It paralyzes for a great duration creatures you touch. Note that the sourcebook Drow of the Underdark contains several feats that augment your spell-like abilities. Granted the duskblade lakes most of the utility spells that are needed.

Aureon Starblade April 6, at 9: So many great memories! I was wondering what you thought of the build:. You can cast any spell you know without preparing it ahead of time. You can use the spell-like powers dancing lightsdetect magic ,? He doesn’t get bonus feats like a fighter or ranger for combat nor the powerful defensive abilities of a paladin.

This seems broken for the reason I just mentioned it should discharge at the end of the round, before the players have a chance to use it. Prime32 on June 06, No penalty to Constitution. I think this class is an overrated option for spell list expansion in most all campaign settings, but it does give those spellcasting levels, at the cost of horrible BAB progression. Nice on wands since it doesn’t really depend on caster level.


Spells and Swords

I don’t have the RC with me, but anything that was a free action before in terms of spells i. Bonuses to strength and constitution and a minus to dexterity along with powerful build.

I’m having a hard time finding ones that really help Arcane Channeling. After that, your class abilities are what’s clutch here. However, with long range, a touch attack, no save and no SR, it is practically a sure thing against anything not resistant to acid.

Thethan’s guide to duskblades

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Waves of Fatigue — Fatigue is a pretty okay debuff, but the cone is smallish and Ray of Exhaustion is better on single targets. The bonus is crappy though and it lasts only for one round. Also lets you cast see invisibility and daylight.