Buy E-Moderating 3 by Gilly Salmon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Professor Gilly Salmon has achieved continuity and illumination of the seminal five stage model, together with new research-based developments, in her. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Whether expert or novice, if you are involved in online learning, this E-moderating – Kindle edition by GILLY SALMON. Download it.

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The key to teaching and learning online Author: E-moderators are often part-time faculty, whose credibility comes from professional practice in their full-time employment not from advanced research and scholarship about the course content. gllly

April – 2003

Online learners will need to become more self-directed, cooperative, capable information handlers, s thinkers, and team players. Resource 21 offers many references about online journals, virtual institutions, online databases, and CMC software.

One of the institutions to experiment, foster, and promote computer-conferencing from its inception through to current Web-based forms is the Open University of the United Kingdom OU UK.

Since e-moderators are to teach online, their training should be conducted in that same environment. The chapter includes actual conference contributions, distilling the essence of this training to the reader. Telecommunications will make it possible to build institutions around students rather than the geographic areas in which they are located physically Susman, quote in Salmon, p.

She also considers the importance of monitoring e-moderator moderatong through online measures and supporting them through associated conferences while they conduct their first courses. The book moderatnig by reviewing the basics of online instruction, such as technical features of the network, the costs of this type of education, and online social and communication dynamics.


Likewise, students also need an introduction to online instruction. Email the author Login required. She sees e-moderating becoming the aslmon competitive advantage for new teaching and learning organizations that make this activity an integral part of their endeavors. The book also discusses common challenges; such as how many participants does an ideal conference take?

These distance faculty members provided the sounding board on which to air the concerns I faced, working with students, and developing more effective Web-conferences. The key to teaching and learning online. What about students who come into and exit the online course based on individual needs and desires to slow the pace or accelerate their studies? In conclusion, E-Moderating lays out a useful model for leading intellectually engaging, highly interactive, and effective online courses.

In this orientation, they work through the five steps of the model online; many of the questions and dalmon items adapted from e-moderator training. Salmon claims that many traditional colleges and universities that cannot adapt to online modes giloy instruction will face extinction. Based on her research over several years, the model progresses from the early concerns in stages one and two that learners have about technical skills and social relationships to later stages of learning.

Salmon outlines so clearly most of the aspects of effective learning environments that I discovered through phone interviews with students, email exchanges, and transcripts of computer conferences.

Facilitation online: E-moderating Gilly Salmon

How can e-moderators support the modular study of students with different subject-matter requirements? About The Author Dan Eastmond. However, it was not until I was approached by a graduate program to be an online instructor for its fledgling distance program that I formed e-moderating skills through the crucible of practice.


The future workforce will be in continual flux as employees dalmon upgrade their capabilities through continuing education. Institutions that plan, sustain, and enhance this activity will thrive in the future.

What a thrill it was to upload and download messages to these threaded discussions located on a server hundreds of miles across the ocean, to ruminate throughout the day about the conversations I read there, and to return to the conference the next day to post my thoughts and to find responses to my contributions as our conversations unfolded.

Adult distance study through computer conferencing. The first two thirds of the book lay out the most salient aspects of online instruction — from educational characteristics of the virtual environment and the software systems that support it — moderatting issues surrounding training of e-moderators.

Salmon does touch on these areas; however, her practical advice is toward implementing the familiar modes of postsecondary education. Although the educational milieu will expand to a global scale, e-moderation must continue to address individual requirements.

As a participant, instructor, e-moderator, trainer, and researcher, Salmon has been a major player in this Internet revolution.

Email this article Login required. I recalled the frustration of trying to get connected to the conference at 1: How to cite item.