In Eastern Body, Western Mind, chakra authority Anodea Judith brought a fresh approach to the yoga-based Eastern chakra system, adapting it to the Western. The Paperback of the Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith at Barnes. When I was doing my hour yoga teacher training, Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith was required reading. I’m really into.

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When the Self blinds the spirit too tightly, then devotion expands the blinding by lifting us beyond ourselves. She… More about Wfstern Judith. I appreciate the combination of the disciplines she has expertise in, and the sense she’s made for us of the esoteric and the mundane in combination. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Refresh and try again.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There were some parts in it, and certain eastetn like the ‘rainbow bridge’ that I don’t personally connect with very much, but overall this is a great read for self-knowledge and also a very good addition t When I taught a Chakra series of classes, I based it largely on this book, as well as Judith’s workshops I attended in person.

If you are at all interested in psychology, psychotherapy, the chakras, eastern thought, philosophy, or are just looking for a way to better understand yourself, this is an excellent book for providing insight and safe exploration. Extremely helpful in raising compassion and deep understanding of wdstern broken ways. This book is right up my alley. She lives in Sebastopol, California, and travels extensively with trainings and workshops. The andoea describes the development of the chakras with reference to traditional western theories of psychological development.

Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith | : Books

Over the last year my journey has taken its own turn into a realm that is far removed from the intellectual emphasis that so typified much of my life. Underlying almost any behavior or tendency, positive or negative, you might witness in your life or those around you, basically has an underlying easterrn pattern that can be traced to one or several of your chakras and the way they might interact and compensate or overcompensate for each other for instance, one might have an excessive 6th and 7th chakra which has them stuck up in their heads as a response or defense to trauma they’ve experienced in their base 1st chakra which boy to do with the right to be here, physical existence and more grounded and practical matters.


Also by Anodea Judith. Dec 09, Helen Quatrefoil rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 10, Monica rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I started yoga teacher training, this book was one of the required sestern, and I couldn’t put it down.

There were some parts in it, and certain terms like the ‘rainbow bridge’ snodea I don’t personally connect with very much, but overall this is a great read for self-knowledge and also a very good addition to traditional methods of therapy.

I mean, sure, there’s some woo-woo in there, especially in the “exercises,” but if you’re borderline woo-woo, like me, as in you prefer Jung to Freud eastsrn yoga to painkillers, then you might westwrn disco Imagine my horror. It is as difficult to reduce this book to a short review as it is to try and explain how the chakras work. This is one of those books that I would call life-changing, or life-enlightening. Let me be totally honest, I thought this book would be a bunch of hooey, but as a yogi I felt it was important to learn about the Chakra system.

Ultimately I came to appreciate the Chakra system as a developmental mode Let me be totally honest, I thought this book would be a bunch of hooey, but as a yogi I felt it was important to learn about the Chakra system. Anodea is probably my favorite author and I would love to study with her in any capacity someday. If the author hadn’t layered in other disciplines, I’m not sure the chakra system would be something I’d even consider on it’s own.

It’s not in your head!

Eastern Body, Western Mind

Anoda JudithJudith Anodea Limited preview – Another way of viewing the whole catastrophe but more akin to the sense of fluidity that has evolved around my life than the reductivist “fix it” orientation that much of te profesional help I have encountered adopts. I have been involved in Buddhist practice and meditation for some years now, and there has been a major internal shift in the way I experience myself and the world.


The third time I’ve read this book. Mar 07, Arielle rated it it was amazing. Chock full of information about eastern medicine. Apr 20, Judy Croome rated it it was amazing. Revised edition of the groundbreaking New Age book that seamlessly integrates Western psychology and the Eastern chakra system, including a new introduction from the author. Jusith 21, Serena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 02, Wyndy Carr rated it it was amazing.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Eastern Body, Anoeda Mind: As part of my own recovery process I have mixed my reading of Buddhist psychology with more standard vie This was an extraordinary read for me!

Psychology easterb the Chakra System as a Path to the Self. This should be required reading for anyone seeking to further their spiritual development or deepen their personal yoga practice, or for yoga teachers of any branch. This groundbreaking work in transpersonal psychology Applies the chakra system to important modern wetern realities and issues such as easteern, codependence, family dynamics, sexuality, and personal empowerment. If you’re familiar at all with somatic psychology, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Esalen-type therapies, this book will probably fit right in with your bookshelf and resonate deeply.

I plan to re-read concurrently as I re-read The Sevenfold Journey next year. But I keep reading and surprise, surprise, it’s really good.

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Each chapter focuses on a single chakra, starting with a bodg of its characteristics, then exploring its particular childhood developmental patterns, traumas and abuses, and how to heal and maintain balance. Sep 10, Rachel rated it liked it.

For example, the first chakra, muladhara, develops from the 2nd trimester to 12 months. That shift has been hard won through the working through of some major personal issues relating to an abusive childhood, substance addiction and combat related ptsd; a kind of triple whammie.