1. Communication Theory (EC ) charjee l Kumar ECE Department Rajalakshmi Engineering College EC COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture NotesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTER DETAILS: SUBJECT NAME. EC COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture Notes for ECE – Fourth (4th) Semester posted by han EC Lecture Notes Syllabus.

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A signal is said to be periodic, if it exhibits periodicity. Periodic signals can be represented using the Fourier Series. It is also separate the information from the received signal and sent the information to the destination.

Besides, the transmitter also do the ev2252 and encoding for digital signal.

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One path is direct. Consider that the source is connected to an amplifier with gain G. There are two types of frequency modulator circuits. Auth with social network: Example — Radiotelephony, broadcasting, point-to-point, mobile communications, computer communications, radar and satellite systems.

This low freq signal passes through the RF choke L1 and is applied across the varactor diode. Electrical Signal Output Transducer Message.

The frequency varies The rate of change of carrier frequency changes is the same as the frequency of the information signal The amount of carrier frequency changes is proportional to the amplitude of the information signal The amplitude is constant. Broadcasting — Broadcast information to masses, through radio, television or teletext. This is due to audio signals having the same frequency range and receiver stations cannot distinguish the signals.


Source, Transmitter, Channel, Receiver and Destination.

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Basically, a receiver consists of several stages of amplification, frequency conversion and filtering. Recalling that is uniformly distributed over radians. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. This process makes the signal suitable for transmission and compatible with the channel. Signals, Capacity, and Coding. If the amplifier noise is Pnathen the equivalent noise temperature Te of the amplifier is given by the equation.

AM output across tuned circuit. Computer Networks Chapter 3 Noets Transmission. Computer Science and Engineering CSE online model exam and mock test paper This online mock test have about questions in the question bank.

Basic Block Diagram of a Communication System. The new symbol is placed in the list as per its probability value. The diagram above illustrates amplitude, phase, and frequency modulation by a sine wave.

Transfer Information — Tx in the form of audio, video, texts, computer data and picture through facsimile, telegraph or telex and internet. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policycommunication cookie policy. Non-periodic signals can be represented using the Fourier Transform. The converse is also important. Sum of carrier and modulating signal D. The signal to noise ratio SNR available from the source is given by: A function of one or more independent variables which contain some information.

The less is the probability of occurrence of a certain message, the higher is the information. Pm is the power of the message.

Hence I X,Y is termed mutual information. Messages come from voice, data, video and other types of information. In the receiver, the inverse operation, de-emphasis, is performed.


Aptitude Questions and Answers. In Shannon—Fano coding, the symbols are arranged in order from most probable to least probable, and then divided into two sets whose total probabilities are as close as possible to being equal. AM detector section is the stage that demodulates the AM wave and converts it to the commmunication information signal. The entropy on the receiver side be H Y. This ratio is called figure of merit theogy the receiver and is defined as.

This is accomplished by passing message signal m tthrough the pre-emphasis filter, denoted Hpe f.

Audio section is the stage that amplifies the recovered information. It is caused by random variation in the arrival of electrons or holes at the output of lectrue devices.

The difference between the signals in the two paths produces the NBFM signal. Transducer — Device that converts one form of energy into another form. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. The remainder of this module will focus on FM for mobile radio.