Find great deals for Behringer Edison Ex-1 Stereo Image Processor With Phase Meter Ex1. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Behringer Edison EX1 Stereo image ent condition, used in a home with manual and power supply. Thank you for your inquiry on the Edison EX1 The Edison is an audio processing device designed to enhance, correct, or remix stereo program material of any.

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When Layer 1 is selected, the far left encoder push button allows you to select between virtual front and rear outputs. Obviously recording equipment has changed. The phase can also be shifted using the shelving knobs.

IE, use of op amps and no digital processing. When you want to add a bit of warmth and just a touch of reverb, the Vintage Room breathes life into close-miced guitar and drum tracks. When applied to electronic instruments, the Mood Filter can be used to emulate the natural sound of acoustic instruments. It is built into a steel chassis with professional XLR or phone jack.

The TruEQ incorporates a special algorithm that compensates for the gain adjustment overlapping effect that adjacent frequency bands have on one another. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Preferably short sounds or perceived, ec1 we will “feel” to listen as edjson away”, while all other sounds are around us.

Use the Stereo Delay to give your mono signals a wide presence in the stereo field. The CABINET simulation can be bypassed if the guitarist is already using a real cab, which allows the effect to function like a boost or distortion pedal. Request a new review.


X AIR Manual 1. The phase-meter is useful.

This device only uses one FX slot. This effect was originally achieved by combining a reverb with a noise gate. MONO activates a mono mix of both channels for the delay input.

Slider 2 selects the low cut frequency. This way, the signal can be shifted into other keys up to an octave above or below the original. Fortunately it is very easy to use. DRIVE adjusts the amount of harmonics being driven by the effect.

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Admittedly though I prefer to make very minor changes edkson ensure each units controls are tracking accurately and alter the power supply and ground systems to be more audiophile and viable to use under any hook up circumstances.

X-FEED indicates that stereo cross-feedback of the delays is active. Processor to adjust the “width” of fields in the Stereo, and the level of the central signal mono.

GAIN allows compensation for level changes resulting from frequency adjustments. The Vintage button enables the simulation of ediison input transformers.

The DeEsser effect allows the sibilance to be controlled for singers that have a pronounced “S” sound. Mode ST sets normal feedback for both channels, X crosses feedbacks ddison left and right channels. The higher the density, the greater the number of sound reflections. This control can also subtly or obviously widen the mix to a point where any center of stereo mix can be nulled out.


Uses only one FX slot. If the stage image of the instruments sounds to cluttered, this control can be adjusted to spread out the instruments and create more spatial definition. However this control is especially useful on many modern recordings, especially rock and roll, sometimes jazz, where the fx1 seems to have too many instruments layered on each other causing the mix to be 1 dimensional sounding.

KNEE adjusts the soft limiting threshold point from hard limiting 0 dB to maximum soft limiting 10 dB. A maximum boost or cut of 15 dB is available for each band. Retrieved from ” https: Stereo Tremolo creates an up and down volume change at a constant and even tempo just like the guitar amps of yesteryear.

GAIN compensates for level changes caused by the effect. It also can reduce excessive stereo imaging effects.

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This model of a Fairchild delivers some of the finest colorations in compressor history. The 4 MODE buttons can be engaged individually or simultaneously for light chorus or very thick, exaggerated modulation.

This information is sadly missing today, apparently replaced by the myth of special DAC or erison.

The rotation effect can also be disengaged with the STOP button, which will stop the movement of the speakers.