Ann Anat. Jul; doi: / Epub Apr 3. Medical Students’ Assessment of Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas: Topographical. The following biography is mainly based on the article “The History of Eduard Pernkopf’s Topographische Anatomie des Menschen” (see bibliography) by David. A University of Vienna investigation determined in that Eduard Pernkopf’s anatomy department used bodies of executed prisoners from the Gestapo and.

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Medicine and Murder Although never charged with war crimes, Pernkopf spent three years in an Allied prison camp near Salzburg after the war.

We thank David J. Two of his former colleagues, Alexander Pickler and Werner Platzer, completed it for its publication. Basic science advances can be obtained with non-human tissue e. This raises quite real ethical questions. His article is a must for anybody who wants to know more about this subject. Spiro acknowledged that current officials of the University of Vienna are attempting to recover information that has either been hidden or destroyed and trying to locate former faculty who were interned and exiled.

Some of the scientists who were involved in bringing the activities of Pernkopf and other Nazi-era anatomists to light advocate for the atlas’ continued use. Similar questions can be asked about the use of information gleaned from eeduard Tuskegee syphilis study or from the Nazi concentration camp experiments on cold-water immersion.

What should we do about Eduard Pernkopf’s atlas?

InPernkopf reached the pinnacle of the academic career ladder when he was named the University of Vienna’s rectorits highest official. However, he was arrested by American military authorities in Augustand by May he had been terminated from all his remaining positions with the university.

Lepier, Pernkopf’s first hire, had largely learned on his own after having to cut short his architectural studies at what is now Vienna University of Technology due to the death of his father, a circumstance similar to that which had shaped Pernkopf’s career choice.

Some years ago we were discussing the teaching of anatomy to medical students, and I mentioned that I use a specific anatomical atlas, written and illustrated by an anatomist named Eduard Pernkopf. Retrieved 11 November Retrieved November 25, With the help of other parties, Dr.


Eduard Pernkopf November 24, — April 17, was an Austrian professor of anatomy who later served as rector of the University of Viennahis alma mater. He worked by himself while Pernkopf resumed his prewar schedule despite the privations he had endured.

For the next eight years he taught anatomy at various institutions in Austria.

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He continued to serve in those positions until World War II ended two years later, with the surrender of Germanyincluding Austria. Retrieved from ” https: Lehrbuch der Krankenpflegeschulen, volume 4. Those cadavers not only teach anatomy, they “can remind us of suffering not only in the past but in the present, that we may be more compassionate physicians, more compassionate citizens of the world.

Is it ethical to use something e. Although he was ultimately never charged with any crimes, edusrd was required to do regular hard labor throughout his imprisonment. Already as a child his great interest was music, but his father died inand in pednkopf to help support his family he decided on a medical career.

He also served as a physician for one year during World War I. That year the war intervened. Kennedy Institute of Ethics. The first of them was Sduard Lepier who, for a while, signed his paintings with a Hakenkreuz swastika.

The continuing ethical controversy”. The use of illicitly obtained specimens can be defended if it serves a genuinely good purpose e. He forwarded a list of those who refused the latter to the university administration, who dismissed them from their jobs. Their collaboration coincided with the development and refinement of four-colour separation, a printing technique which enabled the more than watercolour paintings produced for his work to be reproduced in colour with great fidelity to the originals.

Scientists and bioethicists eduqrd debated whether it is acceptable to continue to use the atlas for instructional purposes in light of its possible provenance.

What should we do about Eduard Pernkopf’s atlas?

Retrieved 1 December No information found here must under any circumstances be used for medical purposes, diagnostically, therapeutically or otherwise. Others committed suicide and the fate of others are unknown. The other three all had some degree of formal training. At the time he was first hired as Hochstetter’s assistant, he began putting together an informal dissection manual for students. He served in the military as a physician for a year during World War I. They should “[promote] those whose heredity is more valuable and whose biological constitution due to heredity gives the promise of healthy offspring [and prevent] offspring to those who are racially inferior and of those who do not belong.


However, recently it has become clear that Dr.

When he was released in he was in many ways a broken and dispirited man, but returned to the university, stripped of all titles, to resume work on his atlas. The University of Vienna, once among the premier medical schools of Europe, lost of its faculty members, including 3 Nobel laureates. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Further, they say, its paintings are artistic masterpieces regardless of the politics of the artists. Beautiful anatomical drawings were created, but this was only made possible by the unethical and unlawful procurement of the anatomical remains of murdered victims of an evil Nazi regime—thus beauty and evil were fused.

Opponents have asserted that any use of the atlas makes the user complicit in Nazi crimes and that modern technology, such as the Visible Human Project based on the tomographic dissection of a man executed in the United Stateswill make the atlas redundant if it has not done so already.

The methods by which racial hygiene proceeds are well known to you: