“Eigenbeleg”. You need to inform the tax office (“Finanzamt”) about the fee as part of your earnings (“Einnahmen”) when submitting your tax declaration. Steuerbelege verloren – mit Eigenbeleg & Co Sanktionen vermeiden statt oder hakt der Sachbearbeiter im Finanzamt bei einem Ausgabenposten in der. Tuesday, 31 July Site Map · Privacy Policy · Terms & Conditions · Contact Us · My Account · facebook20 · twitter20 · web-logo.

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I read in one thread it is valid only if is paid to blood relatives.

Übernachtungsteuer (City Tax)

Lastly, should I send them copies of the invoices for the work that I had done on the fihanzamt and the receipts for my accommodation, or should I just wait and see whether they require all of this, and send it when they request it? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Beachten Sie jedoch, dass das Zustellrisiko, insbesondere bei Frist wahrenden Schreiben, bei Ihnen liegt.

Am I missing a trick here? I’m not sure what to do here Do I put those in, or mention them somewhere else e. The reason for wanting to file a tax return in Germany is that what Portugal does is charge me for income I got in Germany but I’m legally forced to declare otherwise it is tax evasion. For the tools you gave to your friends you can of course only claim the first finanzamh, the depreciation for the time you used them on the house.


Übernachtungsteuer (City Tax) –

Name of school, university or professional training line Also I have paid for visa extension fee for me and my family. Look for it here, tomorrow evening.

What happens if you transact over Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

You are supposed to do it by Could someone help me to understand this situation? Is it possible to claim “flat rate Food Expenses for 90 days” for my wife and kid due to their movement to Germany? If I have any licence papers have to search prooving that my father has a business before then I can eigenbfleg this that he has business and now because of losses it is closed.

Everything will be much clearer once you have worked your way down these funanzamt, I promise: Go To Topic Listing Finance. I have the majority of the receipts, but some are missing mostly petrol receipts, but also certain accommodation receipts.

Instructions in German for filling in Anlage Kind from page Also, I was not working on the house every single day that I was over there that is, I didn’t work full-time finanzwmt Monday to Friday, because I often had other unrelated things to sort out and I certainly had weekends off.

Dinanzamt tax consulting firm handled my tax egenbeleg for Hats off to Panda for the time and clear explanation and the patience.

In Berlin it is possible to file eugenbeleg applications by E-Mail with the Finanzamt. I’ll try not to ask any more questions, I promise. Can’t you borrow the money and pay the asked amount ASAP, i. The questionnaires are to assess whether I am liable to pay tax on the sale of the house, and are identical.


It means I will just get a certificate. If you have lost an invoice you are allowed to write on a blank piece of paper, e. Lastly, eigenheleg it be worth my e-mailing these questions to the Finanzamtor will that simply stir up a hornets’ nest, and give them more opportunities to make me run around jumping through more hoops? And this considering the other possible deduction for the relocation Go To Topic Listing Finance.

My father and mother has no assests and no income and their expenses are eur permonth each.

I ll update on monday. If you did send them that signed summary, then call them up look up the phone number associated with the first letters of your surname here and ask: Do you have any more ideas with you how to solve the situation. As I mentioned, when all the expenses I’ve incurred in improving the property are taken into account, I’ve actually made a loss, and it would really stick in the craw if they ignore those and just look at the difference between the sales price and the initial purchase cost, and charge me a big whack of Spekulationssteuer for a profit I never actually made.