Amarillo celeste. Silvina Ocampo, poetry, Borges Index: El vástago, Silvina Ocampo, MCP2, Type: T. Login to post comments. pero donde también figuran Silvina Ocampo, José Bianco y Adolfo y la suerte que corre el vástago y en todo caso también su sustituto. Contents: Silvina Ocampo: la nostalgia del orden / por Enrique Pezzoni — La liebre dorada — La continuación — El mal — El vástago — La casa de azúcar

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The child provides an ideal vantage point from which to project the estranged world. Though certainly in evidence in “La casa rl los relojes,” the hunorous elements of the child narrator are more fully developed in a story like “El siniestro del Ecuador. The theme of the double has been present almost from the beginning in Ocampo’s works, and is nearly always associated with the accompanying thane of the shattered or diminished personality, and even with that of madness.

The barest hint is given that the garment had effected some evil influence over the man’s life. However, unlike Borges and Bioy Casares, who often send their readers into strange, imaginary worlds, Silvina prefers to deal in her cwn special way with elements of ordinary reality.

The Twisted Mirror: the Fantastic Stories of Silvina Ocampo

In “La hija del toro” Las invitadasa little girl practices a terrible rite by making a crude image of someone and then throwing it into a vat of boiling oil; in “Aman cio Luna, el sacerdote” Los dias de la nochea priest works cures with special stones; in “Ulises” Los dias de la nochepeople can be rejuvenated with a magic potion. Te muestro en un in fiel espejo. Similar Items Related Subjects: La furia y otros cuentos. Home Documents The Twisted Mirror: Conozco personas que por una Have rota o una jaula de mimbre fueron al Infierno y otras que por un papel de diario o una taza de leche, al Cielo.


Please enter your name. I gladly admit that I, too, experienced the negative reaction likely to be provoked in the reader by certain chapters of my book or by a glance at its illustrations.

The Twisted Mirror: the Fantastic Stories of Silvina Ocampo – [PDF Document]

Children are not the only sources of the grotesque perspective, of course. Ediciones del Sol, This content downloaded from During the fitting session the seamstress urges the woman to try the dress on, while the senora resists with conversation that is frivolous and petulant: The name field is required.

Los dias de la noche. Irene is cursed with the ability to foresee the future. Enciclopedia de la literatura argentina. The guests become increasingly drunk until, in a burst of enthusiasm, they conceive the idea of ironing a little hunchbacked watchmaker’s wrinkled suit. Like many writers from Latin America, Silvina Ocampo vaastago shown a dissatisfaction with the limitations of “realism.

Poemas de amor desesperado | Borges Center

El dragon de lentejuelas tambien tambaleo. Your list has reached the maximum eel of items. Literatura argentina — Siglo XX. The beginning of the story quickly relates the arrival of a little girl and her friend, a seamstress, from the poor outer neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to the wealthy barrio norte in the center of the city. One ocaampo Cristina says to her husband: In “El cuaderno” La furiaa newborn baby looks exactly like one the mother had seen earlier in a photograph.

A contributing editor of Sur since its conception, Silvina Ocampo has often been unduly eclipsed by Sur’s other outstanding associates, most notably by her sister, Victoria Ocampo, her husband Adolfo Bioy Casares and her life-long friend Jorge Luis Borges.

Hence for a time she tries to avoid unpleasant thoughts: Incredibly, this extremely macabre episode manages to be quite funny.

While he wears a sweater vest that his mother had given him, his girlfriend rejects him, or at least seems to reject him: We use information technology and tools to silvima productivity and facilitate new formsof scholarship. Many of the supernatural powers displayed by characters in Ocampo’s stories require an object as the mechanism of their magic.


The fantastic is suggested at the end of the story when Malva is said to have died, but no corpse is present at the wake. The evolution we had observed in the attitude toward the fan tastic is an essential ingredient here, for when fear is subtracted from the fantastic and we view xe “world beyond” with humorous detachment, the grotesque emerges.

Poemas de amor desesperado

Many of the stories from this first volume represent memories of the author’s past, as evidenced from Victoria’s comments. Klingenberg and Patricia N.

She says in the final paragraph: After recounting these events in some detail, the narrator then gives us a long list of other occasions in which Malva has severely mutilated herself: Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. Las cosas de su patrimonio, los animales que les pertenecen, los siervos que los sirven toman una actitud amenazante, estdn siempre al borde del complot. The stories of Los dias de la noche often descend into the truly repellent silviina of the grotesque, as in “Malva.

Finally when one kills the other, the woman dies vastagi in triumph, seemingly because she had succeeded in infuriating the other to the ultimate degree.