Just tried putting together a Corsair list in Battle Scribe, and it hit me – without any Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules. 8th Edition hurt Corsair players, and I mean hurt as in a whole unit of D-Scythes to the face sort of hurt. Gone are the Coterie rules and their own. Rumors say the Eldar are getting a shiny new Corsair armylist headed our way soon. Here’s the latest rules info.

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Eldar 40k Proposed Rules. Home Forum Help Calendar Articles. He wasn’t especially strong or killy, but he had a ton of options, he could fly for a DE player that meant a great deal and he was just dripping with flavour.

In addition, Corsairs have their own discipline called Aethermancyavailable only for your corsaired Farseer Void Dreamerwhich is focused heavily on movement.

Crews can be drawn from a single craftworld or exodite planet or be formed from all corners of the galaxy, being composed of a vast array of cultures. Void Dreamers can use the webway to suck an enemy unit or vehicle off the map and place it into ongoing reserve. There is a new Wraithlord variant produced by Will Hayes.

See craftworld eldar codex, but increase the BS and WS to 4 and initiative to 5. After those partaking ate their fill, the crew will ensure the remaining ork remains will be burned to prevent the sporing of the vile race.

Corsairs favor the jetbike for rapid assaults. Craftworld forces look dismissively upon such a weapon as it sacrifices speed and grace for strength. Only one lieutenant can be placed in a unit. Even if you don’t get any 6s as long as you roll a 12 total on the three dice you are penetrating AV13 and glancing AV Corsairs might be a mix of Eldar and DE in the fluff, but they had their own mechanics that were separate and different from both of those.

  KX T2365 PDF

The prince thrusted at the orks with a neuro-disrupting blade dropping an ork with every strike of weapon. I just wish FW would update the datasheets in the index to include fldar full army lists from their Imperial Armor books. Corsaits I’m gonna be diving more into CWE going forward they are gonna be my go-to for Ynnari troops eldsr a battalion no questions asked But I never used the FW rules to represent my Corsairs anyway. As with Craftworld Eldar careful consideration should be taken when choosing your army however they do have more flexible choices over their craftworld brethren.

The ship hangs in geosynchronous orbit awaiting a chance to strike. The zoat armed with bladefist counts its hand-to-hand combat attacks as rendering.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Corsairs (7E)

Opponents can target the Skyreavers which will generate soulbursts for other nearby units Soulbursts kicked out to Dark Lance Jetbikes could be super nasty. They’ve delayed another big Heresy Book just got that in my email this morning. The exodite knights have been riding their mounts and fending off monsters with their lances for most of their careers.

You say you’re playing Corsairs, I say you’re playing Eldar with a vague Corsair theme. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Dyslectics in a text based environment? In all other effects it is a powerfist. Perhaps some of this was designed with 8th in mind In games that do not use the reserve rule corsair units can still be kept in reserve and enter the game through the webway.

Corsairs had an army. When a prince enters a land battle he never leaves his vessel outside his command. Share your adventures, characters, homebrews, podcasts, and more.

Same profile as before not sure if the AP moves to 2. The Corsair Prince gets six different paths to follow. So now my Corsair Prince sits on a shelf beside my converted Void Dreamer and Malevolent conversions. Otherwise anything not on the below Chaos, Necrons, Nids you cannot ally with at all. One can be upgraded to a sergeant for 8 points and receives an increase of one attack. Looking for more of a certain thing?


Eldar corsairs? – Forum – DakkaDakka

One is a S: Up to four corsairs can purchase the following weapons; power fist at corsaies points, power weapon for 5 points, plasma dules for 10 points, fusion gun for 8 points, flamer for 6 points, demo-charge for 10 points.

If you want an idea of what life as a Corsair is like, the book “Path of the Outcast” elsar with an Eldar from Alaitoc who becomes a Rangerthen joins a Corsair fleet, rises to the rank of Prince, only to make some stupid mistakes and lose it all.

And then 8th dropped and FW axed the Corsair Prince entirely along with basically everything else in Corsairs. I mean I know corsairs aren’t competitive but I have the models, I might as well use them – guess they’re only good corsaifs narrative play until GW gives them an HQ unit.

A corsair force that has a unit of buccaneers can force their opponent to reroll a single reserve die a turn. Drop two barebones units of Kabalite Warriors in the back-field and use them to screen for your Void Dreamer or other squishy characters on turn one.

Some corsairs maintain close ties with their worlds of origin while others are shunned by their homebound brethren. A devour houses parasites with harden heads.

Corsairs lacking the wraith constructs and battle tanks of their craftworld kin, often rely on the artillery pieces to fill the role of inflicting massive amounts of damage upon the enemy. This is simply a guide line for making the most out the many options this army affords you.