The Eldar Revenant is a large Forgeworld model, basically, it is one of the titans Rules-wise, the Revenant Titan looks a bit mediocre at first. I’ve had to redesign my Craftworld Eldar scheme about 4 times now and am To start, my Revenant titan is equipped with Sonic lances currently, and .. Aurora, Colorado Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleWe Quote. As the title suggests where can I find the most upto date rules for the Revenant Titan, thanks for any help.

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Permissions in this forum: And we didn’t bother rolling for a mission, as we were both just wanting to test a few things. To start, my Revenant titan is equipped with Sonic lances currently, and thus I fielded it as is. The Skathach meanwhile regenant pump out as many melta shots as I’d hoped, but still crippled the Malcador to the point it wouldn’t be that dangerous.

PLAY-AID: Phantom Titan Rules from BoLS – Bell of Lost Souls

Ghazzkull April 4, at 8: Submit a new text post. Your ad here, right now: Meanwhile the Cloudburst missiles killed the nearest vulture, but it didn’t crash and burn unfortunately. The crew of the Revenant consist of one Eldar known as a steersman, whose consciousness melds with the spirits contained within the Titan’s wraithbone core until they act like elddar, similiar to those giant biological mechs from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

He actually has a special rule that states he can only elxar 1 damage, so that’s all I got out of him. One thing I found interesting was that now the Revenant can take different loadouts than before. After exploding, it wiped a Thudd eldsr crew, killed a few more guardsmen, all the medical servitors and quartermaster, and even blew up the Malcador.


It was quite an explosive turn. I tried my best though and sent the Skathach after Karis Venner and his crew, hoping to at least smash the little bastard to bits. Otherwise the three squads of Krieg around it titzn been toast.

Then the Revenant charged the Valdor, taking a heavy hit in the overwatch before laying down some much needed stomps to nearly kill the thing, but not quite doing the trick. Ads by Project Wonderful! They took a massive hit this edition albeit not without some just cause and went from being 18″ torrent, hellstorm template weapons, to a meager 3d6 shots at 18″. With my second turn underway, I jumped the Revenant to the Valdor hiding in the corner and shot it’s sonic lances at the nearest thudd-gun, but was only able to kill one due to rolling low on my 3d6 shots.

So on average you’d get more shots from the Sonic Ittan.

Test fitted some of the larger components like the guns. It was also hard because each part affects the pose.

Revenant Scout Titan

This leads to Revenant Titans often hunting in packs like wolves, their actions coordinated by the titn link formed by their pilots’ blood ties. At this point the game was really over, I only had the Skathach left, and the Krieg still had at least three squads of infantry up, a thudd gun, 3 basilisks, and a Vulture. In the end it and the Skathach were both down to half their wounds, and already the chances of winning the battle were looking pretty slim. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.


Secondary armament consists of a shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcher, loaded with a plasma warhead. From the beginning I was rather concerned about the sonic lances. Painted the tip and dot the internal joint, ensuring a good fit. This page was last modified on 16 Octoberat The Sonic lances were definitely underwhelming, they weren’t very good at anti-horde duty, and were even worse at killing vehicles they only do 1 damage per shot.

The Revenant Titan (8th Ed)

I think those teeny parts are just for decoration. I found my Phantom titan and revenent titan surprisingly resilient it the games of apoc i have played after i cast fortune on them. I felt like an archaeologist putting this together. Now titans are reserved for Apocalypse games which often don’t have a points limit anyway. As a note, with both the Thudd guns, and the Earthshaker battery crews are considered characters, and thus couldn’t be targeted.

Both sides ran flush to the knee cap. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I rolled average for both Sonic lances with a 9 or 10 on each, with the shots being divided up between the two closest squads so I could focus on the commander and try to get an easy warlord kill. Ilic Nightspear actually hit his target this time, but rolled a pitiful 1 to wound.