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Two possible disadvantages must thus be taken into account, in certain instances. The cathodes of these diodes in IC3must be linked to the supply lines used. Febrer of the reasons for contactless technologys success is the cards ease of use and convenience. Systems with reader ICs either partially or completely omit the implementation of the anti-collision algorithm. Dont forget that T2 must be well eleektor electrically,since its case is connected to the drain and thus to 12 V!

The circuit draws approximately 41 mA in the idle state whenthe receiver is on. Two outputs have been pro-vided to make the circuit moreversatile. If no insulator is used, enter azero.

Figure eleitor does not show two back-emf suppression diodes across therelay coils. For these reasons, we restrict ourselves to the DESFire file system, excluding encryption functions.


In principle, these systems work, but they cant be extended later on. If you want toexpand on the design, you can provide each channel with itsown noise generator.

Typical examples are bank cards which use a contact chip that can also be used as tickets for public transport contactlessand contactless access control cards employee IDs that can also be used to log in to PCs requiring contact.

Cambridge Illus-trated History of the Worlds Science. If for example the supply voltage to asystem has a long time constant, the con-troller will at some point be storing and read-ing data from SRAM when there isinsufficient supply voltage to sustainthe SRAM data.

This is somewhat less effec-tive, since in principle you can still just driveaway with the horn blowing. Front panel foil available through our Readers’ services.

Free Elektor magazine July/August 2010

A High output signal from pin 4 of the monostable enables apair of astable multivibrators in IC2. Its only necessary to load a modified version of the reader firmware into flash memory after successful analog performance optimization. The maximum supply voltage is 6.

As early as EMIscamera-tube department elekttor infra-red image converter ofwhich overwere eventuallymade.

Free Elektor magazine April 2010

The tuning voltage UTune is applied via a highresistance. There is typi-cally only one card per device. RF properties and signals. This calls the corresponding MF RC function.

Its not clearwhy there is this difference, but it isrelatively small and essentially notall that important. Conversely,when this line is at 12V, the same transistor will be cut off.


DVD Elektor through – Elektor

The bandwidth of theamplifier ranges from 1 Hz to 20 kHz. Thedisadvantage of gebrero is a fixed errorequal to the input offset of IC7.

Passive circuits always introduce sorne at-tenuation. A quasi-bidirectional portis one that may be used as input or output. You will probably not need the 2. Although the screen of each and every signal line is connected to a separate solder pin,only thoseat thevolumeand balancecon- trols are actually connected to the earth line: Writing and reading of card data always takes place through the byte FIFO first-in-first-out buffer.

The in the transmitter Figure 1 oscil-lates at about 4. The simplest approach is naturally to usea separate series resistor for each LED, which has an operatingvoltage of around 3. The PLL chip pulls its output, pin 8, Low when it islocked onto the 4. A smallamount of hysteresis around 1 mV is added by R4 and R5, toprevent instability when the comparator switches. At first glance, Table 2 appears incorrect, since there seem toalways be four active intervals.

BAS developed in Quick Basic, which is avail-able from the authors website. A dual opamp is some-times used here, although afast linear amplifier is neededfor the current-to-voltage con-verter, while a good low-noiseopamp is more suitable for theoutput filter.

The exact pulse frequency is adjusted with preset P1.

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