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Jurnalul Roman de Psihoterapie Integrativa nr.1

Clinical utility of the Defensive Functioning Scale in the assessment of depression. Couple therapy is a mean to solve problems and conflicts that the membersof the couple cannot solve themselves. Numerous types of psychosocial, paihoterapie psychotherapeutic andpsycho-pharmacological interventions for treatment in alcohol consumption andabuse disorder were initialized, developed and tested in the last 30 years.

On the other hand, in the field oftreatment disorders connected to substances and alcohol, there is especially a bigdiscrepancy between what is scientifically valid and what is applied in clinicalpractice. Read the Text Version. On the other hand there are the opposite processesthat are identified as alienation realtionship with diharmonic nuances andlayering that refers to achieving roles and statuses that let the hierarchical processfree for the actors involvd in the relationship.

Journal of Personality, 59, These programs have in communthe following two aspects: For a long time the dishabituation of alcoholics from drinkingwas tried, provoking them disgust with substances which induce nausea apomorphine and cyanamideswallowed or injected cures of disgust.

More precisely, attribution can be conceived as a perceptive arch betweentwo points: Conclusions of studies of evaluation can be summarized as below: Development of efficient communication skills; 5. Those that support asserivity consider that this type of behavior is moreadaptive than the submissive one, in tense interpersonal relationships, while theaggressive behavior tends to promote guilt, lack of harmony and indifference.

Jurnalul Roman de Psihoterapie Integrativa nr. At the end of this intervention stage, Ciprian S. Exposure to activating stimuli proved more efficient than in relaxationtraining not in the prevention of renewing the consumption, but in diminishingthe consumed quantities and in the prolonged period of time until repetition ofabusive consumption Drummond, Glautier, If a change that may have therapeutic nuances is being pursuitedregarding dysfunctional interpersonal expectations, they may help peopleovercome in a healthy way builded patterns, or even better said, interpersonaldysfunctional problems.


An extremely useful feature of circumplex conceptualizations is that theinterpersonal problems scale profile, with eight eights, of the individual, can,through geometric procedures, be reduced to a single point in a bi-dimensionalciscumplex scale Wiggins et al.

Using hypnosis,through a trance, the client lived again the moment, and she was encouraged toask for a verbal feedback from the father during guided imagery.

Jurnalul Roman de Psihoterapie Integrativa nr.1 Pages – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Interpersonal expectations can be of a significant importance,expectations about how others will react to the self and the way in which the selfis going to respond to these reactions. Depression and Anxiety, 10, Defensive way by which the subject tries to manage the risks perceived by the self by canceling resemblance with other significant people from the personal development, for example, one of the parents. Reliability, validity, and applicability to interpersonal psijoterapie and personality disorders.

A series of 8 interventions of psychosocial type, psychotherapeuticalintegrative and 4 psycho-pharmacological interventions were identified aspresenting the highest level of effectiveness. Cognitively, the assumption of understanding interpersonal problems implies thatpeople react differently to social situation and think in a different way about thosesituations. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 12, We consider that there should be a subsequent study, at a deeper level andwith an extended sample of subjects.

The use of defenses and physician health care casts: Basic concepts of psychoanalysis. After a generalpreparation of some days staying in bed, strico and vitamin therapythe patientis given the drug orally and, after a few days, he is given the usual alcoholicdrink; then a congestive reaction occurs, violent and very undesirable, at the headlevel and upper chest, with nausea, vomiting, lipothymical tendencies.

Morgenstern, Blachard, Thus, after a period when ST seemed to become the most acceptable formof treatment, at least among scientific and practitioner community, the latest www. Gender determined differencies in self defence mechanisms: Alina Elenescu added it Apr 18, From here,involutarily in a way, in attributions, a series of situational factors prevail ,whereas in the case of hetero-attributions, individuals centre on what is moreeasily educible, meaning persons and their features.

The specific objective in this case also, is tosupport the couple in order to develop skills that can be used when the couple isconfronted with a new problem. Approached as an introjected ability or actually, competency, ifextrapolation is allowed, assertivity represents a gain that is pretty difficult toassimilate.


Ioana Lucaci rated it really liked it Jan 24, When the former consumer, now abstinent,was among these stimuli, he would express a series of physiological andpsychological reactions eleemente, in a behavioral plan, will determine the renewingof consumption, Hriscu Ioan, A promising version of thismodel id the rewarded not of abstinence itself, but of achieving different stages oftreatment and of proposed objectives for the change of consumption behavior. This version contains 8subscales that are correlated in a circumplex manner.

The results of the imtegrativa have confirmed the quasi-general opinion ofresearchers, that the therapy training process and self-development, regardless thetype of psychotherapy, contributes to the amelioration and rafinement ofinterpersonal relationships.

elemente de psihoterapie integrativa dafinoiu pdf to excel

Training in social abilities Under this name we include therapeutic interventions of cognitive-behavioral origin anchored in the theories of social learning and operatedconditioning. On the other hand, each group develops an unique climate, a specific groupatmosphere.

The aim of therapy is to ensure an efficient integration of each individualin the couple life, starting from a better understanding of the self self-knowledge and up to deciding whether a change is needed, and alsoimplementing new patterns of relating.

Development ekemente communication skills involves an education for thecouple or a psihotfrapie of the efficient ways of expressing thoughts andemotions, and the main objective is to determine each partner the other one andto make themselves understood in a respectful manne, even when their opinionsdiffer. Short interventions SI SI are efficient in the reducing of mortality among alcohol consumers.

By highlighting the positive traits of each of the partners, the level ofcriticism and exaggerated expectations has been diminished and therefore hasbeen developed the attitude of empathy and acceptance towards the partner, as acomplex being, with positive traits and desirable features.

Another extremely important insertion for theconsolidation of this therapeutic strategy for development, is the development of www.