Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. The years of living in India were the time of the most important and fruitful work by Elena Roerich. This is where she completed the main part of her volume. Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as.

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Therefore, I ask you not to weaken yourselves by internal discord when approaching a dangerous passage.

All this sounds so complicated and difficult; and, at the same time, all is so easy and simple. One cannot help wondering at her vast knowledge of ancient philosophical systems, works by Eastern and Western thinkers, as well as her deep and clear understanding of the foundations of Being.

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

The magnetic currents attract intensively the subterranean fire. On DecemberRoerich, along with her family, moved to India. The judge can easily become the judged one in the eyes of the Teacher. The dreadful decline of morality, the slena and degeneration of some nations are roeriich the results roericn the slavish dependence of woman.

Each one should understand that this capacity in each individual consciousness is the only indicator of progress and that the spirit stands on a corresponding step-not higher and not lower. Therefore, humanity will start its real evolution only when both Origins are affirmed in life.


Like a resonator it gathers the symphony of the world, and it can transform the deepest silence into a thundering chord. Nicholas Roerich planned on crossing the Tibetan Highlands at Lhasa. The high and the low differ only in quality, showing similarity in everything else.

Helena Roerich – Wikipedia

Elena Ivanovna has always been hoping to publish a worthy book, a bibliographical work, dedicated to woman. Honesty, justice, a constant search for Truth, and love for creative work—all this actually transformed the whole of life around the strong young spirit.

One may picture their crystalline quality of subtleness coupled with the power of the whirlwind.

But this transmutation may come only when the spirit has conquered selfishness. Copyright to the content of the Site www. All rights reserved and protected by the copyright law. Walk by the path of the shield of faith! Personal responsibility is not only connected with the broadest cooperation, but, truly speaking, this cooperation or collaboration is the basis of personal responsibility.

Roerich, who not only became her husband, but also her associate, with whom she shared the same ideas.

Gather together and read them with all your heart. Those who do not approach the Hierarchy of Light during this life may forever lose this connection.


How much time will be lost in trying to recover the vibrating link which responds to the call. Fearlessness and striving are two of the foundations of the Teaching. You know already that the attraction of possibilities is inevitable when all the forces are strained. Only the benevolent eye can create. Do feel the call of my spirit!

Ageless Wisdom Teachings-Helena Roerich

The great time predicted long ago has come. Only the highest attracts the highest; therefore, where there is only physical striving there will be a corresponding receptivity and result. Petersburg in a family of architect Ivan Shaposhnikov. You write beautifully about your striving for harmony.

Let us put into the foundation all the given confirmations of the last ten years. In Januaryafter her husband’s death, Roerich, together with her elder son moved to Delhi and then to Khandala Bombay’s suburbwhere they had waited for steamship from Russia with their entrance visas.

Do not say, “I do not remember. Particular attention is paid to the consciousness of a man and the culture of thinking, as thought is energy, capable of filling space and effecting its surroundings. Is not our unification achieved by our devotion to the Teacher?