The Swan Thieves is a novel by American author Elizabeth Kostova. The ” old painter” described in the book before the first chapter is Alfred Sisley. The Swan Thieves: A Novel [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, devoted to his profession. Psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, devoted to his profession and the painting hobby he loves, has a solitary but ordered life. When renowned painter Robert Oliver.

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The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova: review

We learn much of this story with alternate first-person narratives, Htieves. The Swan Thieves succeeds both in its echoes of The Historian and as it maps new territory for this canny and successful writer. Oliver, to learn what he can about the patient. Andrew Marlow’s journey to discover the secrets behind his patient’s obstinate silence in order to help him recover.

Little, Brown and Company January 12, Language: I didn’t want it to end.

The ending delivers a sense of satisfying closure, an abrupt if I might s This is a beautiful, flowy read. Elizsbeth author moves us by chapter from points-of-view with just one point-of-view violation and from time periods–the relative present to the ‘s during the time of Manet, Monet and the other French Impressionists in Paris.

My only critique is the relationship between Marlow and Mary – should there have been romance? Unable to break Robert’s imposed vow of silence, he must try to find the thjeves for Robert’s breakdown and why he felt he had to destroy that painting by conversing with those willing to talk, primarily Robert’s ex-wife, Kate, and mysterious Mary.


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Feb 09, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: Marlow was so obsessed with his patient, Robert Oliver a charismatic and wildly talented artistthat I tnieves wondered if Marlow should not only be drummed out of his profession, but be admitted to the institution as a patient himself.

I do not believe the author intended to write a mystery although she dishes out bits at a time.

The Swan Thieves – Wikipedia

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Marlowe’s generic narration of the novel sounds exactly like Kate’s talking about her husband, which sounds exactly like Mary’s written narrative, which sounds exactly like the third person sequences set in the 19th century.

How could I become an artist like Professor Oliver unless I could lose myself in front of a whole group of people, lose myself like that to everything but the problem at hand, the sound of my pencil on the page and the flow of line emerging from it?

He has but a few lines of dialogue, taking a vow of silence for almost two years, thus allowing his story to be told through these other individuals.

For an hour a day I have been listening in my car, to and from work. I was genuinely interested in all the characters and their stories, and just like in The Kostoav, Kostova used her powerful descriptive ability to bring things to life – rather than the Eastern European cities that popped out of The Historian’s pages, The Swan Thieves is full of descriptions of paintings and sketches that don’t need any visual illustration for thieges to picture them in my mind.

If someone is born in they couldn’t be a small child going to the Rockefeller Christmas show that same year!

This time out, Kostova’s central character, Andrew Marlow, has a license to ask prying questions as he unravels the secrets and pursues the truth, because he is a psychiatrist. Beatrice never seemed to regret not painting. She also summons the living presence of the Impressionist movement with a vividness that reminds us why the alleged modern generation is still drawn to Monet, Morrisot, Manet, Sisley et alia.


Is it ethical, considering that Mary recently broke up with Robert Oliver, Marlow’s patient? Mary is a nubile young student who elizabeh after her own teacher.

The Book Blog of Evil: The Swan Thieves, by Elizabeth Kostova

Marlow, Robert lapses into complete silence. Elizageth Edition Verified Purchase. It’s been a while since we had an artist secret history, so lets go with that theme-how many more Boleyn girl histories will these suckers be willing to read? It’s like some male fantasy that all young women want them and their “experience. This successful, dramatic, tortured artist.

This takes over a hundred pages to happen. Why write it at all?

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He lets Marlow take copies, but since Marlowe can’t read French, the letters have to be translated and are mailed to him as the translations are completed. When I started this book I was enjoying it. We have several relationships that echo each other across time and space. Jul 27, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: I’m not sure if Kostova has much of a realistic grasp on what exactly psychiatrists do or how they think.