Empire of Capital [Ellen Meiksins Wood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Capitalism makes possible a new form of domination by purely. Wood, a professor at York University in Toronto and an orthodox economic determinist, argues that the source of an empire’s wealth drives its military. Empire of Capital has ratings and 6 reviews. Andy said: Another great work by Wood. Part economic history, part contemporary political economy. An im.

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Please try again later. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To producers, it means the need for constant improvement of competitiveness and productivity. Empire of Capital by Ellen Meiksins Wood. Also by Ellen Meiksins Wood. Kevin rated it it was amazing Nov 16, The book culminates with a study of what Wood describes as the “new imperialism we call empkre.

With the United States as the central power of this “new imperialism”, the world is being ordered to serve the needs of capital. Jan 17, Pages. In Empire of Capital, Ellen Meiskins Wood writes a thoroughly researched and well-argued case about a new form of empire that is based in capitalist theory. Darren Poynton rated it it was amazing Feb 05, To the propertyless class, this meiisins selling their labour power in the markets.


So, surely, even the most seasoned White House hawk would prefer to exercise global hegemony in this way, without costly colonial entanglements.

Jake rated it really liked it Apr 20, Aug 25, Sara Salem rated it really liked it. Abstract Ellen Wood’s study of the new imperialism represents the latest instance of her broader project of reconstituting a non-deterministic form of Marxism which is able both to explain the historical specificity of capitalism and to inform socialist political activity. We Were Eight Years in Power.

Empire of Capital

While her need to classify empires into different categories feels like a rather needless and contrived exercise at times, Wood’s historical analysis of the operation of past empires offers many illuminating analogies with the current era of transnational corporations, finance and global governance. Nov 17, Paul rated it it was amazing. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Paperbackpages. The Best Books of She now resides in England.

Blood in the Water. Editorial Introduction in Historical Materialism.


Wood received a B. Any other coaching guidance? The connections she draws between economic and imperial meilsins are intriguing but incomplete explanations of geopolitical dynamics. Another great work by Wood. Ernesto rated it liked it May 24, Wood’s dense analysis would have benefited from more historical evidence and engagement with alternative theories.

Empire of Capital by Ellen Meiksins Wood

Gone are the days when an empire was built through fo conquests, modern empires are structured around markets and industry. Sign in to annotate. Jul 27, Iain McNab added it. Her argument is based on political economy theory, which is rooted in the idea of rational choice scholarship. How to define the current order of the world, characterised by competing sovereign states, fast cross-border flows of trade and investments, and the overwhelming military dominance of one nation-state committed to an open-ended warfare without any restrictions in space and time?