Ed Greenwood is the bestselling author of the Band of Four series and creator of the bestselling and award-winning Forgotten Realms role-playing campaign. Gods and mortals alike succumb to gambling fever aboard the Peace of Boona on its yearly baccarat cruise, and would-be lovers Max and Eleanor, children of. It appears as if Elminster in hell is just going to be another endless sludge of Elminster remembering things and getting ripped apart by a demon, and more fights.

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He assists another wizard, Dwalimor Omen, in stopping an individual who was slaying dragons in the Realms. I love the character Elminster: We appreciate your feedback. Even though the ending is perplexing, even though it was sometimes difficult to keep track of all of the characters, even though some of the scenes of Hell’s tortures were particularly gruesome and gut-wrenching, I ended up liking the book.

How can they publish this kind of crap? The title should be at least 4 characters long.

He is a powerful wizard featured in several novels by Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood. After a terrific battle, Elminster persevered and assumed the throne of Athalantar. At this stage in my life I have time to go back and read works that I had missed in the past – and this series was at the top of my list.

The latest installment of the Elminster series, and for all those who have read the saga from the beginning, this book promises more of the same blast and die action that has become an Elminster trademark.

It’s been a long time since I gave Greenwood a four star review, but in this book he actually played up his strong points I am guessing Greenwood was trying to write something different but it really did not work for me.


The Making of a Mage”, where I couldn’t shake off the impression that each “class”-part was snipped for the sole reason as elminstre better fit the page-demands. Elminster also took time to defend Shadowdale from an army of Zhentarim led by the avatar of Bane. In some ways, Elminster in Hell reads as a collection of short stories, but there is an overarching story and plot to the work.

Elminster in Hell

Given a choice, I would definitely read the first three books first. He also appeared as the primary quest giver in “Well of Dragons”. Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf. The Simbul nearly out performs her goddess when she arrives in Hell with her special hair of infinite wand wielding.

Kiser rated it it was amazing. Come on, these are supposed to be respected people, is it that harder to write “minster” after “El”, but I suppose now I am just knitpicking. A bit more lead in would have been nice. I’d say that it is probably the best Elminster book so far.

Elminster in Hell (novel)

I do suspect that paragraph notations would have made this easier to understand in a non-audio format, since the story does jump about both betwen characters and in space and time, since it deals a great deal in memories and how those memories interact with what is going on with particular characters in the present. Play still continues in this long-running campaign, and Ed also keeps busy producing Realmslore for various TSR publications.

And in the end, basically nothing has happened that has long term bearing on the world or the characters. As the critical moment of the Time of Troubles approached, Mystra knew of what was to come and shed most of her power into the human wizard Midnight, so that all of her essence would not cease to exist. Elminster in Myth Drannor. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


No residual problems, it seems. Realizing that her presence in Hell was less than inconspicuous, due to the Pact Primeval that prohibits the presence of any god in the Nine Hells, Mystra retreated and dispatched more subtle agents to find him; first Halaster Blackcloakthe Mad Mage of Undermountain who was defeated and then the Simbul. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mistress of the Night. Jun 03, Bryan rated it it was ok Shelves: The only good novel he has ever written that I have read was Elminster: I did find it mostly easy to tell when he and the devil were communicating, and when Elminister was giving up a memory.

She eventually finds her way to Marsember and becomes involved in the intrigues of the Cormyrean nation.

Elminster in Hell

Elminster is involved in the story arc “Dragonreach” [12] in the Forgotten Realms comics. Sep 15, Menu rated it did not like it.

The City of Splendors.

To use a philosophical term, the story is written in a phenomenological way, that is, it is written “as experienced”. How did it get out on the market??

The internal dialog drove me crazy This means that he is invincible, infallible and irresistible especially to the ladies and lacks completely in character development.

Why not try a covert attempt at finding Elminster, at least that has potential to make a story and not just constant spell slinging.