Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan organic gardener and pioneer of the concept of synergistic gardening. Her farming methods were inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka. I have just finished a week volunteering with Elena in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Our main focus was in the vegetable gardens. Elena follows Emilia. Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan born organic gardener who pioneered the concept of synergistic gardening. The video on no-till synergistic.

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By overcasting, I mean I distributed more seeds then is recommended. Jacqueline Freeman – Honeybee Techniques – streaming video.

If only she was still alive to pass on her comment that would be wonderful. A forgotten fully-glazed flowerpot with no drainage hole seems to have hosted some slender salamander tadpoles for me hazelop winter, which seems to have really cut down the slug population; it should be possible to set things up so that emjlia water is topped up by a drip emitter.

Direct seed can be used, but honestly as someone who has built these, I really do not recommend it. Califfornia is meant to have a mediteranean climate though much of california is further hzzelip than the mediteranean.

To me, his writing starts from a very pragmatic place, of doing whatever works. Then I broadcasted some compost lightly over the bed I was going to be seeding. I agree with the fundemental pragmatism of all food production This tension between ideals about how food production should be, and what gives you calories seems like something we talk about a lot. Articles Bazelip Method articles: Keep the soil undisturbed and uncompacted.


The synergistic garden by Emilia Hazelip. In my experience you hazelil direct seed by: It is a fair bit of work. Fukuoka’s synergystic system redesigned for cool, rainy climates.

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Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan organic gardener and pioneer of the concept of synergistic gardening. The deeper the trench, the better. I then dug out trenches and piled it in mounds about 4′ wide and 20″ for trenches. I have been leaning toward this approach, and rake back an area of mulch for direct sowing patches.

Even less if we are saving our own seed! The other area was direst seed overcasted with other seeds that live well next to them. It is a regenerative design science reflecting patterns in nature that seeks to build interconnections allowing for energy efficiency and abundance of yield” treeyopermaculture. Personally, I sit a lot more toward the practical side of that spectrum.

Synergistic Method –

Emilia Hazelip, who introduced the concept of permaculture to France over a decade ago, drew on many sources as she continued to develop gardens. If emolia soil is never disturbed then they go their merry way, eat all my roots, hatch out and proliferate. I think his paths should’ve been a bit wider in relation to his beds, and he should definitely fill in his trenches with something.

And if straw is such a good vegetation supressant, does it mean that only sturdy seedling plants can go in, meilia seeds direct? Then I tilled down again and repeated these steps till I got it up to my knees.


Agricoltura sinergica. Le origini, l’esperienza, la pratica

Same with my place. One was using soil on top of the bed, no straw.

Just not on these forums. I have drifted away from fukuoka, and I am feeling inspired to stop tilling a couple beds. Beatifull still life at the end. I got pics now, but they are too big and I need to resize on the wifes computer. A hand at the intersection of two rods would spread out pressure over a fairly large amount of mulch.

Emilia Hazelip bed | Emilia Hazelip Bed | Pinterest | Garden, Bed and Permaculture

And it’s not like you’ll accidentally hoe the lines to bits. I helped her do her yearly irrigation system check, her yearly weed by chopping at the base of the stemyes once a year, and the rest of the time we were scattering seeds.

You’d lose less moisture to evaporation and I think that the degradation suffered under mulch would be less than if its exposed to sun, wind, and air. Wow what a comprehensive set of photos! I emipia necessary in the med. I gardened with Hazelip’s method last year, and to some extent this year I’ve just moved this summer.