The EMS R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8″/ mm (e.g. a wafer). The EMST S Plus is a high resolution sputter coater for oxidizing and non- oxidizing The EMS T Plus product line is a compact turbomolecular- pumped. EMS T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater. The EMST is a compact turbomolecular- pumped coating system suitable for SEM,. TEM and many.

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Removable glass chamber and easily accessible base and top plate allows for an easy cleaning process. Other optional targets are available three required:. High vacuum turbo pumping allows sputtering of a wide range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals for thin film and electron microscopy applications.

Sputter & Carbon Coaters and Evaporators

Supplied with pack of 10 tungsten specimen baskets. Flat rotation specimen stage. Includes two spare quartz crystals. Aluminum Al rapidly forms an oxide layer which can be difficult to remove. The first automatic sputter coater from Polaron.

Metal evaporation and aperture cleaning head insert, including the ability to evaporate upwards or downwards T E and T ES versions only. However, this is not suitable for electron microscopy applications because it will heat the sample and can result in damage when the plasma interacts with the sample. Intuitive software allows the most inexperienced or occasional operator to rapidly enter and store their own process data.

For details of pumping options, see Ordering Information.

The vacuum shutdown option enhances vacuum sutter by allowing the chamber vacuum to be maintained when the coater is not in use. Consists of high resolution turbomolecular pumped capacitive touch-screen controled sputter coater and carbon evaporator with status LED indicatorincluding quick release sputter insert and one TK 57mm diameter x 0.


For additional targets see Sputtering Targets section. Rotating vacuum spigot allows more convenient connection of the vacuum hose to the rear of the EMS T D Plus when bench depth is limited. The EMS T Plus is optimized for use with a turbomolecular pump, which gives a lower vacuum down to 5 x 10 -5 mbar.

Quorum Technologies

Carbon fibre – fine strands 1 m. Please tick if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter. The full range of target materials available is extensive and detailed in the Ordering Information section. A “dry” alternative to the standard oil-based rotary pump complete with vacuum hose, coupling kit and oil mist filter. Discontinued circa and replaced by SC Aluminum Al rapidly forms an oxide layer which can be difficult to remove.

The EMS allows for carbon evaporation, metal evaporation from both baskets and crucibles and sputter coating option. The target to stage height is variable between 0 mm and 42 mm for the standard stage. High resolution turbomolecular pumped capacitive touch-screen controlled sputter coater with status LED indicator, including quick release sputter insert and one 57 mm diameter x 0. We promise we will not share your details with any third parties.

It is provided with a key to release the knob after activation.

System prompts user to confirm target material and it then automatically selects appropriate parameters for that material. Other stages available on request. Stage rotation speed variable between preset limits. For replacement targets see: Other optional targets are available:. For increased source to sample distance and for coating large specimens.

Carbon rods – 6. The intelligent system logic automatically recognizes which insert is in place and displays the appropriate operating settings.

For details of other stages, see Ordering Information. The KXD was a compact, dual head turbomolecular-pumped sputter coater optimised to deposit fine metal coatings for SEM, FEG-SEM and thin film applications – allowing sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum.


Pulsed sputtre ramped carbon rod recipes are supplied as standard. Conductance film monitor CFM attachment including housing, feedthrough, glass slides and cable. Manual carbon rod shaper for 3.

No rotation when in single target mode. The case houses all the working components and includes an automatic bleed control that ensures optimum vacuum conditions during sputtering. A flat adjustable stage capable of accepting either 4″ or 6″ wafers is mounted on a swinging arm stage, which rotates the stage under the targets to optimise coating.

Audio indication also sounds on completion of the process. NanoSurface Cytostretcher Cell Stretcher. Sputtering head insert suitable for oxidizing and non-oxidizing metals. For target details see: The EMS T T Plus is fitted with three individual sputtering heads to ensure even deposition of individual large specimens or multiple specimens. As sputtered or evaporated material is deposited onto the crystal, so its frequency of oscillation is modified.

QT Plus – turbomolecular pumped coater | Quorum Technologies

This allows the user to configure the system as a sputter coater, evaporator or glow discharge system — all in one space saving format. For many evaporative processes, tungsten filaments supplied with the system are used. A swinging arm stage drive is turgo as standard, which is a stage drive and positioning mechanism that positions the stage under the correct target.

An early Polaron sputter coater. Has six stub positions for 15 mm or 6.