Find En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Looking for Spinoza has ratings and reviews. Damasio has a lot to say about emotions and the structure of the brain, some of it exhaustingly deta. : En busca de Spinoza () by ANTONIO DAMASIO and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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The fact, cited by Damasio, that a bodily fear response can precede a conscious feeling of fear does not show that once the feeling damaslo present it has no causal control over behavior — and it clearly does, as with fleeing and hiding.

Tendemos a creer que lo oculto es el origen de lo que se expresa. The entire machinery of feelings is explained in detail from the conception of the thought that triggers emotion, the sensing of the body state to form the body maps, the simulated body states and how the actual and simulated states contribute to the mental experience and all this to the homeostatic regulation. On my all time favorites shelf. Spinoza, however, is generally considered one of its earliest avatars. Damasio is originally Portuguese, and I can’t help feeling that he is driven in part by a sense of kinship with a man who might have shared some of his cultural experiences, albeit separated by df.

Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain by António R. Damásio

Damaiso you are convinced of the fact that using the terms “bad” and “human nature” in the same sentence is pretty acceptable, you won’t like this too much. I find this idea hard to grasp because of the simplicity it suggests regarding emotion regulation. Though I am fascinated by the subject, I do not have formal knowledge to understand all the perspectives detailed in the book.


In animals with a developed cerebral cortex, like humans, emotions work partly through cognition. Not once does Damasio refe For a devastating critique of this book see: Emotions in general and feelings in particular allow humans to make critical decisions quickly, when the situation requires that. No puede tampoco decirse que Spinoza haya sido una persona que haya ido avanzando por la vida teniendo en cuenta bsca normas de su tiempo.

In the seventeenth century, the philosopher Spinoza devoted much of his life’s work examining how these emotions supported human survival, yet hundreds of years later the biological roots of what we feel remain a mystery. What is good about Damasio’s writing, especially in the earlier books, is that he do The neuroscientist Antonio Damasio writes pleasant, elegant prose.

En Busca De Spinoza by Antonio, Damasio

His book, Descartes’ Error: I believe in Monolism and the idea of feelings variably related to the homeostasis of the b I liked this book but rn some parts weary to read.

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It took laborious effort to trudge through the concepts in the book. It was filled with clinical relevance and is worthy of keeping on a shelf as a book that could be re-visited for varying purposes e.

Feb 17, Freddie Berg rated it it was amazing. Much later, initial studies in brain functioning were pointed at finding specific locations in that organ for the specific processes: In fact, the theory is a standard chestnut of psychology textbooks, a staple of old-style behaviorist psychology, with its emphasis on outer behavior at the expense of inner feeling.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It results, rather, from the horribleness of what my grief is about; my bodily sensations may not be particularly horrible in themselves. There Spinoza participated in the Jewish community, but eventually was alienated from it, because he had attained views of his own, characteristic of the Enlightenment. Temperamentally he was reclusive, yet congenial with others in his limited social sphere.

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Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain

In the avoidance of unwanted feelings sometimes more emotional damage emanates rather than in accepting feelings as indicators that something in going on within. Never thought I would understand feelings. Spinoza’s odyssey is inspiring, as is Damasio’s obvious admiration of it, and his own efforts to model his own life as a scientist on a comparable philosophical framework.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Fortunately for Spinoza, he lived in Holland, which at the time featured the least intolerant variety of Christianity. Damasio has little light to shed on Spinoza, mostly because the latter lived a very private life.

I spnoza the book with an open mind yet could not help but think of my clients as their difficulties with feelings, affect, and emotion regulation are relevant to the topic.

En Busca De Spinoza

No puede tampoco decirse que Spinoza haya sido una per Es un trabajo serio y por eso le doy 3. But the object of my delight is not my body; it is my son’s success. What are the first two books in the trilogy?

Nov 12, Stephen rated it it was ok. A great book to know about Spinoza and neuroscience. Nov 10, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. In particular, the idea that the body and the soul are inextricably linked – definitely not an Aristotelian thought – and that the drive to survive, modulated through aeons of evolution, is the main engine that not only sculpted our bodies, but also our emotions and feelings.

I will definitely have to come back to the book later for a thorough It took laborious effort to trudge through the concepts in the book.

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