The ENSONIQ serial number label must appear on the outside of the Unit or tho ENSONIQ warranty is void. •ENSONIQ, ESQ 1, Mirage and MASOS are. Ensoniq ESQ-1 () Synthesizer 61 keys: 8 voices, short spectral PCM wavetable and analog filters. Listen to audio demos manual, demo, video, comments. As with every ENSONIQ product, all ESQ-1 service will be handled through the ENSONIQ The ESQ-1 Service manual is divided into four different sections and .

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It can store up to 24, notes in 30 sequences and 10 songs via battery back-up. Then use the Volume Control to set the Synthesizer volume to the proper level relative to the Click.

ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Musician’s Manual

It provides the widest possible range of velocity sensitivity. If the Load is unsuccessful, one of these messages will appear: DCA’s 1, 2, and 3 have been set up so that it is possible to get full volume from just one Oscillator This means, however, that it is possible to clip overload the output stage when al, three Oscillators are at full level.

The Low Frequency Oscillators are used as Modulators, and may be applied wherever a Modulation Source is to be selected. Recording a track 3. The Current Program the one you are editing will be Layered combined with the Program whose name appears immediately to the right see 5 belowand both Programs will play simultaneously.

But where applicable, the factory Programs follow these conventions. Song Pos o O: This is useful for simulating the Decay patterns of many acoustic instruments piano, for instance whose lower notes tend to ring much manuzl than the higher ones.

The system will occasionally lock up after loading data from MIDI. Or you can apply the Keyboard KYBD 2 as a Modulator to make the low keys play on the left side, the middle keys in the middle, and the high keys on the right side of the stereo mix If the same key is restruck before the note has died away, it will be assigned the same Voice that was previously playing it.


The numbers in bold type are the values that can be assigned to T1, T2, T3 or T4; the numbers in plain type show how long a Time each of those values will yield. I’ve just recently replaced What you would be doing is modulating the volume of your stereo. With Channel Pressure, after a note is played, pressing down harder on the key modulates every note currently playing.

Luckily the VFD display screen is large enough to make editing the sounds somewhat pleasant. Erase some Sequences on the receiving ESQ 1 and try again. The message ODliB flashes in the lower-left ennsoniq. They are good for adding controlled harmonics to a sound, or for combining to achieve various timbres. After you answer, the ESQ 1 will immediately Play, change Sequences, or whatever you had instructed it to do.

To Record the First Track of a Sequence: Note that the Noise Waveforms here differ from analog Noise generators, in that Waveforms are by definition repeating patterns, and Noise is random. WAV samples are available on freewavesamples. The Sawtooth- Wave needs no introduction. If the same key is restruck, all four Envelopes will reset, and start their cycles at Zero level. With MONO mode OFF The pitch of any note played will ‘glide’ to its proper pitch from that of the note played immediately before it, at the rate that has been set.

If a key is restruck before the note has died away, a new Voice will be assigned to it, and the first Voice will continue to play If there are already two Voices playing that note, the older of the two is ‘stolen’. They are set up as follows: Note; The diagram above is conceptual and somewhat simplified.

A Sequence Location with no dot as in SEQ in the illustration above means that nothing has yet been recorded there. In most cases, the delay is negligible a few milliseconds.

The ESQ 1 has 32 different Waveforms stored in its Digital Waveform Memory Some of these Waveforms have been sampled digitally recorded from real musical sources; others have been created synthetically. Again, remember that you will erase whatever Program you write over – it’s not a bad idea to save all Internal Programs to a Cartridge or to audio tape before doing any major Memory reshuffling, because once a Program is gone, it’s gone. Track 2 will receive on the next Channel, Track 3 on the next, and so on.


Since all ten Songs are selected from the same Page, and they are all named, there is no need to be able to select the exact location of a given Song. If the Load is unsuccessful, any of the Error messages listed on the previous page under Loading All Sequencer Memory from Audio Tape may appear, except for 4.


We refer to these Sounds as Programs. Also note that the Level parameters can be positive or negative. Because a Digital Sequencer records every event as a separate number stored in Memory, Controllers tend to eat up an enormous amount of Memory, compared to Key Events. The packet will contain the number of bytes specified in the one sequence alert packet see section 2.

The Display always tells you which is Playing underline and which is selected to play next flashing underline. The Page comes up as follows: Also, you can Append a Sequence to itself, doubling its length Say you need a sixteen Bar repeating pattern.

Say you selected Bank 1.

This is a state in which the Keyboard and the current Program are independent of the Sequencer. You now Record a Track, with that instrument, just as you would an Mznual It is possible to set the pitch bend range outside the legal limit 49 to You can choose any Step within the current Song. Programs can be penned continuously between the left and right channels.