Second edition. Two parts in two volumes. German interspersed with Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, and Judeo-German in Waybertaytsch letters. Entdecktes Judenthum / Judaism Unmasked () is a book by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger. Entdecktes Judenthum: Oder gr√ľndlicher und wahrhaffter Bericht welchergestalt die verstockten Juden die Hochheilige Drey-Einigkeit Erschrecklicher Weise.

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German Nationalism and the Holocaust. Eisenmenger belonged to the class of insects which sucks poison even out of flowers. Jakob Ecker, Privatdocent an der kgl.


Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie in German. Contrary to accusations that have been made against him, he does not falsify his sources. All this was done in an apparently scholarly and reasonable way that belied the author’s evident preoccupation like Luther with tales of Jewish ritual murder of Christian children and poisoning of wells.

Paul Lawrence Rose writes:. Prawer, Heine’s Jewish Comedy ,ibid. Meanwhile, two Jewish converts to Christianity in Berlin had brought charges against their former co-religionists of having blasphemed Jesus.

It is said that he was a witness, into “otherwise unknown” attacks against Christianity by a senior rabbi there, identified as David Lida, [2] and that he grew indignant on finding that three Christians he met had had themselves circumcised and converted to Judaism.

The work, in two large quarto volumes, appeared in Frankfort-on-the-Main inand the prince elector took great interest in it, appointing Eisenmenger professor of Oriental languages in the University of Heidelberg.

Eisenmenger’s purpose, he avowed, was to have Jews recognize the errors of their ways and what he conceived to be the truth of Christianity. Pranaitis plagiarized this word in his testimony at the Mendel Beilis trial and made it even worse, using it as a noun object to the Russian preposion entdecktea which means “in”. Secret conversions to Judaism in early modern Europe. A further, if minor, element in his polemic consisted of an argument that Germans were a distinct people within Christianity, descended from the Canaaniteswhom entdectkes Jews’ were intent on destroying [13] in accordance with Deuteronomy 7: Pranaitis’ Talmud Unmasked, you’ve already read most of chapter 2.


The only good reason for reading Eisenmenger, in fact, is to discredit those who copied from him, namely Pranaitis and Henrich Laible, and at second hand Robert Travers Herford who copied extensively from Laible.

In confidential converse with Jew, pretending that he desired to be converted to Judaism, and in the profound study of their literature, which he learned from them, he sought only the dark side of both. In regard to the first two points, Siegfried, for one, argued that:. History of the Jews, vol.

Eisenmenger, Johann Andrea. Entdecktes Judenthum [“Judaism Revealed”]

There was also Roman Catholic influence at work, as Eisenmenger was accused of anti-Catholic tendencies. In Amsterdam he met three Christians who had been converted to Judaism, and this filled him with indignation.

The method Eisenmenger employed in this work has been called both ‘coarsely literalist and non-contextual’ [7] and ‘rigorously scholarly and exegetical’, involving the use only of Jewish sources for references, without wntdecktes or inventing anything.

From a polemical point of view: A History of the Jews.

Furthermore Entdcktes himself copied from and even cites to Johann Buxtorf. The aim of the riot was to pressure him over huge debts the Court had contracted for his services in financing the Habsburgs.

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger

Still want to read it? There is no serious challenge to the authenticity of the sources Eisenmenger cited.

According to entdwcktes report written some decades later, the Jews had offered Eisenmenger the sum of 12, florins if he would suppress his work; but he was rumored to have demanded 30, florins, ostensibly in compensation for the considerable outlay from his own savings which the publication of the book had caused him to contribute.


The Jews, who feared that the publication of this book would entdscktes additional strength to the prejudice against them, denounced it as a malicious libel; and the fact that only a year previously riots against the Jews had occurred in the diocese of Bamberg, and that in the same year July 21 a mob had jkdenthum the house of the court Jew Samuel Oppenheimer in Vienna, made their opposition all the stronger.

Eisenmengers Entdecktes Judenthum

University of Pennsylvania Press. The book was designed not only to reveal to Christians the existence of elements in Jewish rabbinical thought which Eisenmenger thought injurious to the Christian faith, but also to appeal to a free-thinking secular public, and to enlightened Jews whom he wished to shock by his revelations.

Well, if you’ve read J. Eisenmenger edited with Johannes Leusden the unvocalized Hebrew Bible, Amsterdam,and wrote a Lexicon Orientale Harmonicumwhich to this day has not been published. Everybody learning Hebrew knows this, especially people learning Hebrew from the Juventhum Bible, because the enydecktes word of that work in Hebrew is “bereshit,” “in the beginning. Only for those with a strong stomach Gustav Dalman called Eisenmenger’s work a compendium of all that is “repulsive” in Christianity and not at all an accurate representation of Judaism.